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8 juillet 2008 2 08 /07 /juillet /2008 20:52

These boiling corpses from the first finish brutal death metal wave are for sure no stranger to the nostalgic fans. The band witnessed the dementia of the necropsy days in 1990, and DEMILICH have since been eroding bowels to get off the vulgar swarming mass like a torn extracted from the womb. The fester stench from their first couple of burning death demos horrified the armies of doom. After many radiation sicknesses 'Nespite' full lenght got out of the crypt of misforturne to see the slaughter of the innocents driven into insanity. Unfortunately when the suffering Psychopatholigical 'zine caught them up their carcasses were decomposing down in the pit. With grief and sorrow Antti Boman didn't answer me then, certainly because of his lazyness... After a long rest a new gleam of hope shone and warmed my skull and bones, and thus lead to a faithful relationship with the grim Tony who had retained my attention and thus rewarded the waste of time with excellence




 01 - Hi Antti, there?s something I want to ask you on the first row. Are you
always slow or lazy in answering interviews? No offence, but I remember
having sent some questions to you back in the days of the ? ?somewhere
inside the bowel of endlessness...? release, and included 2 IRC?s, but
actually never got any answers back. And from what I remember, you would
answer to only a very few amount of fanzines?

Yes, I've always been very lazy with the interviews. I consider them "the
required evil", apart from the very few that actually challenge me and
force me to think. Most of the interviews don't raise any new points but
simply repeat what's been talked of a dozen times before.

02 - The band split up after «Nespithe». What are the reasons about that?
How do you view the metal scene of nowadays?

We split up when I lost the interest in the scene, both music- and
person-wise. I don't really know how the other guys felt about it, I
didn't even ask them. I had no other option.

The metal scene is not the old kind of scene anymore. Everything required
so much effort back then, whereas the Internet makes it all so easy
nowadays. Even though it's partly good to get known and get to know
easily, it has lost its taste.

03 -Your reunion happened more than ten years after the release of your
album, furthermore you even got a new line-up. Why such a long wait? Why
did you decide to give it a go again?

The wait wasn't supposed to end at all. Small things lead to other things,
and it all became more than just the ending that it was supposed to be.

The line-up had to change due to "logistic" problems of such a small scale
thing as our reunion. I was already starting a new band with the two new
members, so bringing them in was a natural thing to do.

04 - Demilich is one of the first finnish death metal bands together with
Xysma, Interment, and the likes. I’d like to know what you think about the
early days of your band and metal scene.

Those were golden days, but what else could I say? We were young,
enthusiastic, full of energy and immaturity it all required. Everything
was new, and things hadn't been done a hundred times before as it is now.
The bands were great and original, and they still are.

05 - Your music could fet the tag «gore metal» according to me, because of
the ultra morbid vocals. Still, I can feel there are some effects on your
voice from time to time. Is it your real voice or did you use some pedals
to transform it? It leads me to ask you which bands kinda influenced you
to sing and play the way you did?

I used some effects on a couple of phrases on the first demo, but apart
from that and an occasional delay, every sound is as it's come out of my

My playing and music was inspired my numerous bands I loved and still
love, but I never tried to imitate anyone vocally. It was simply accidental,
the most natural way for me to push the sound out.

06 - From what I understood, rock music is very popular in Finland. You
might even hear some rock influences in the music of Xysma, Disgrace or
Convulse on their last records, mixed in their death metal. Is it a
musical direction you like and respect? Did it allow them to get more
exposure and recognition from the finnish audience? And if you were about
to write new songs for Demilich, would it be possible that you put some
rock passages in your music?

With all the respect to the bands you mentioned, no, I don't like the
death rock stuff introduced by the Finnish bands. I disliked it a lot in 90's,
and I still cannot get a hold of it. They definitely got new audience with
the "rocknrollization" of their music, even though I still doubt it was their

That said, it's pretty clear I wouldn't put in any clearly recognizable rock
influences in anything that has the Demilich label on.

07 - Reading your lyrics brings of course a feeling of rebellion to my mind,
and also something like frustration towards the condition of human beings.
Could you tell us more details about these dark and sombre emotions?

You're absolutely right about that one. I've always been a rebel, usually a very naive one, and still cannot be considered very mature on that one.I've hated life since I got out of the childhood stage, and I still cannot get it why somebody likes being alive. Then again, I'm too much of a wussy
to end myself, so the only way is to hate humanity and show it through what I do. Don't get me wrong, I'm a nice person to people I like, but the ones I don't I couldn't care less. It would be nice to finally grow up,though, without turning too much of an adult.

08 -You got some problems with the Necropolis label. What did happen?

Just the plain old thing that's happened to most of the small metal bands,
ie. not getting the money you were supposed to get.

09 -After a while, Repulse recs re-released your album, including a new
artwork and the ? the four instructive tales...of decomposition? demo tape
as bonus. Why a change of artwork? Who decided about that?

I have no idea. I had nothing to do with the release, although I gave
Repulse the permission to use the demo on the album. They told they had
paid the royalties to Necropolis as they were supposed to, so they are not
the ones to blame about ripping us off, I guess.

10 - Could you tell us more about the Pavement music label re release?

Actually I cannot. I have no idea how much they printed and sold it.

11 - Xtreem Music is re-releasing your demos on cd, and Morbid Thoughts
Recs is going to do it on a limited vinyl edition of lp 397copies. But on
your website, I saw that you were not keen on releasing these demos again
at first. Why? And what did lead you to change your mind about the

I don't like the idea of compilation albums, whether made out of album or
demo tracks. I agreed on doing it only if I could compose a new song and
record it and two old, unreleased tracks. That was done, and now we should
just get the final work done. I'd expect the albums to come out this year.

12 - I think it?s a very good and nice idea to give the fans the
opportunity to download your demos and some bonus material on your
website. This is indeed a very anti commercial attitude I appreciate very
much, but which is becoming seldom these days. Would you agree with me?

Oh yes. I'm not a hard core give-it-all-away person, but if I don't
lose anything, or at least not much, everybody should have it.

13 - You happened to perform a couple of shows between 1991 and 1993. How did they go? Some cool memories to tell? Which were the best ones?

As a perfectionist, i didn't like our gigs back then. The idea of
performing was nice, the parties afterwards were nice, but i didn't feel
good about the shows if and when everything didn't go perfectly.

The gig i remember being the best one was our last, in Eskilstuna, Sweden."Ann Vible är vacker, jag skulle vilja doppa mitt stora kuk

djupt i hennes röv."

14 - You did your last gigs in the USA and Finland 2006 as headliners, a
nice opportunity for you indeed! Who was responsible for the organization
of such events? Did you figure that there was a slight difference between
the American and the Finnish/Scandinavian audience? How these gigs goed?
Feelings about after ?the end of Demilich???

We were originally asked to play at the Maryland death fest. My good
friend of Morbid Thought Records thought it would be a great idea to
arrange a couple of other gigs there, and finally it ended up to be a nine
gig tour from the coast to the other.

The audience didn't differ that much from the Scandinavian one, apart from
the blood coated pit in San Diego, but what was different was after the
show. Lots of people wanted to talk, take pictures, hug, whatsoever. It
was pretty hard for a Finn to cope with it first, but i got used it

We played the last gig in our hometown after the US tour. It was one of the best gigs I've done, both music- and feeling-wise. I didn't feel any huge emotions after that, the (final) death of Demilich was so clear to me months earlier already.

15 - It seems that Finland is a very productive and efficient country in funeral doom and suicides! What are the reasons for you Finnish people to be generally so depressed?

The traditional answer would be the darkness we have for half a year, or
the drinking we do for the whole one, but I suppose it's more about what
we've always been. Finns aren't very social or talkative, and we just got
out of the woods to the hell of the modern society brought from abroad.
You cannot wipe out the history in two or three generations. Naturally the
darkness and drinking contribute to it.

16 - I remember asking the same question to Jukka from Abhorrence, dealing
with the outfit and look of metalheads back in the early nineties. It seems that a lot of

you were hardly looking metal (meaning noleather’n’spikes!). Did you get in trouble if

you happened to wear more provocative clothes? Lol!

For me, spikes and leather wasn't my type of metal at all. The stretch
jeans and basketball shoes belonged to the Finnish way of metal those
days. I considered war paint and stuff like that rather hilarious then.
Nowadays though, our style of early nineties looks even funner.

17 - Well I guess we reached the end of this interview now. All the best to
you, and the last words are yours. Cheerz!

Thanks. Hopefully you all will hear of my new projects when they are
ready. If not, they weren't worth the while. Still, I'm not happy of what I've
showed you all, yet.


Mega THANKS to Tony For His Support !!!Keep The Ancient Flame Burning !!!





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