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4 mai 2006 4 04 /05 /mai /2006 15:55

Nowadays, few bands can still claim to be as extreme against Christianity as G.B.K... just read their lyrics to be persuaded. The American gang has always built a black metal style full of melodic arrangements, finding its proper particularity among the mass. So, during their great performance at the Drakkar Fest in Holland, I met Gelal Necrosodomy (guitarist/composer and main founder), who was really interested in an interview for my next issue! Well, I hope you enjoy the humor in these questions and replies, which are indeed provocative but are very representative of our respective mentalities...

01 - Your first demo, “Goat of thousand young”, was written by you and Lord Vlad Luciferian; on the second one, a bass player named Demonic joined the forces of your malevolent horde, because a third  musician was necessary - I suppose, in order to create richer music (as one can feel in the name “Triumph of the horde”).In retrospect, what are your impressions regarding your beginning in the underground scene? How did it happen that you got signed on Pagan Records for “Triumph...” Don’t you think they should have offered you a contract for an album, as a way to reward the band for its work?

Let’s clear things up. I wrote for the first demo alone. Till this day I own the 4-track cassettes with the fucking work I created, including drum machine, bass, and keyboards. There isn’t anyone out there that can disprove I was the sole musical creator of "Goat of a thousand young". Lyrically, I will say Lord Fag Pussyferian did have some input, but the satanic hordes were responsible for those lyrics as well. Not only that, Lord Vlad did not even suggest the name of the band; the hordes did. There was a debate whether to call the Satanichrist or Grand Belial’s Key. I opted for G.B.K., obviously, and thus it was forever branded. Lord Fag realized he had very little influence in the musical aspect of the demo. I still have some additional percussion as another track on the cassette that was supposed to accompany "The seventh Enochian Key" song. He recorded some ridiculous samba Brazilian Congo drumming which sounded terrible, and I refused to mix it in the final songs. I suggested he go play those original drums in the streets of Washington D.C to solicit some money. To the actual scene back in 1992 it seemed as if Lord Vlad was the sole creator and mastermind behind G.B.K. The truth is that he was in charge of handling the mail, and spreading the music. At the time, I was invited to join this band as a lead guitarist (as a sixth member according to Lord Fag). When I arrived at the rehearsal, I was the only person there. Everyone else had abandoned him before the band’s inception. I look it up on myself to take everyone else’s role. The reason for my distant role in the scene’s eyes was simple. I was studying at the university, had a full-time job, and was working in Simistrary magazine. It was impossible for me to dedicate any time to correspondence or copying demos. Besides, he could do his half of the job by at least dealing with all the scene bullshit. He did not go to school nor did he work, and had no social life (this means the only pussy he had was in his war name!!!). Demonic joined the band as he convinced me re-join G.B.K., since I had quit shortly after our first gig (note: this gig was played with Kommando of Arghoslent on bass - Kommando quit after the first gig as he completely hated Lord Fag). I had no intention on continuing with that band, especially with Lord Fag’s ego growing bigger and bigger everyday as letters of support from the underground crowded our mailbox. Demonic and I decided to rejoin but to steer the ship in the direction we found it fit. Unfortunately, we still allowed Lord Fag too much input and control over the release of the second demo. I am still not satisfied with that release, although some people treasure it. Lord Fag had adopted an interest in vampirism which was beyond my grasp of reality. Not only that, but he added a female’s voice over the song which made it sound very queer. I credit Lord Fag for getting us the deal with Pagan Records and divulging our demo worldwide, but the direction which G.B.K.’s concept was heading repulsed me. I believe it was natural that a European label offered to release our music professionally as there were no serious labels dedicated to black metal in America at the time. Then again, I don’t know what deals were offered or what the reaction to our music had been until I started looking and responding to some of the letters myself, a few years down the road.
02 - In my own opinion, I found your sound to be very original and, may I say, unique: ice-cold, with tremendous melancholy in the way of songwriting. A bit like early Bathory or Possessed albums, you were already a band with a very strong identity!!! What do you think about this comment?

It was my intent from the beginning to create something original and unique. At that time there were too many clown bands around, all sounding identical to each other, and looking like each other as well. My goal was to have anyone identify the band as G.B.K from the moment the first note was heard. Certain moods from different sources inspired my creativity, such as the Master’s Hammer compositions, early Rotting Christ songs, Possessed, Bathory, early Samael, Necromantia, Sarcofago... Other inspiration came directly from great death metal bands such as Autopsy, Nuclear Death and killer thrash like Violence, Razor, Slayer, Fates Warning, Dark Angel, etc…We’re gonna skip our early day of heavy metal like Ozzy, Kreator, Iron maiden, Van Halen, Armored Saint, etc... Ultimately, however, Mercyful Fate inspired me the most as a musician. Oddly enough, I was never a fan of Celtic Frost/Hellhammer or Sodom or Mayhem (Ron : strange musical tastes!!!), as some prefer to think. Hardcore/Punk bands also played their part in influencing the music. 

03 - Why did you change your logo and make-up after your first demo? Well, I noticed an old picture dating back from the beginning in a French fanzine (Mystifier zine!), it was shot in the kitchen! Don’t you think this was a very childish attitude? Perhaps it was very cold outside on this night?! Where was the mystical spirit in this stupid behavior?! What were you doing? Were you cooking a priest for your dogs or a turkey for Halloween?So, in the cultest Holocaust fanzine, there was a other picture of you standing in front of a wall on which “white, racist and proud” was written...   

The logo was changed because the one that we ended up using gave G.B.K a more impressive and grandiose tag. The first one seemed a bit simplistic and even somewhat cartoon like. The make-up was never supposed to be used, but I opted for keeping my identity secret after dealing briefly with Lord Fag. He insisted things in G.B.K. be a certain way, a rip-off and trendy way in my opinion. I didn’t even like the name of the demo, nor the overused image for the cover, or the band’s image. I decided to keep quiet and remain anonymous. I assure you, no-one back in those days had any idea I was a part of G.B.K; not even you! As far as photos go, with make-up, the only ones that exist are from the “Goat...” demo. I’m not in any other photo with make-up, and I can assure you of that. Lord Fag did take some other photos, perhaps in his kitchen, or perhaps with other member he tried to get to join G.B.K., but none with me. I haven’t even seen these photos you’re talking about. As for the photo that appeared on Holocaust zine (Poland), I was under the impression that these photos were not to be published. At the time we understood the negative connotation such a photo would have on our band. We have, however, no regrets about it. The photo was taken in the morgue of an abandoned hospital in Maryland.


04 - In the past, G.B.K was supposed to release an EP on Pure Evil Records! What happened?

I believe you are correct, and I do not know the details to that. Several people have asked me why that release never came out, and honestly, I wasn’t aware of it. I think the guy doing Pure Evil Records was also in Bestial Summoning, whom I was in touch with through my Sinistrari magazine. Neither of us made the connection at the time, as my involvement in G.B.K. was secret. Demonic has told me that their intent was to release a live G.B.K 7” EP on it, but again, I don’t know.

05 - Demonic and you have been in G.B.K. for a long time now ,but what happened to Lord Vlad when he left you after the second demo? Have you heard his project, Thokk, which he made with the poser Kaiaphas of Ancient on  Mordgrimm Records?By the way, if I’m right, Ancient moved to the U.S.A. - it seems the relationship between you and them got worse.Why?                                                                                                                                                    

When Lord Fag was ousted from.G.B.K., he joined When Lord Fag was ousted from.G.B.K., he joined the clown Goth band Ancient. This is an old story and has been repeate several times in
other zines, so I won’t go into detail here; however, you’re
confusing Kaiaphas with someone else.Lord Fag (who changed his name 3 times: Bestial Luciferian, Lord Luciferian, Lord Kiaphas) became the vocalist for Ancient as “Lord Kiaphas”. The other member you’re speaking of is The Marauder, sole composer and mastermind behind Thokk. The Marauder is a close comrade of ours till this day, he’s also been the guitarist in Arghoslent from 1993-1997 and 2000-present. He also played bass briefly on the “Witness to the regicide” 7” EP release. His musical aspiration was recorded in the form of a demo, and he used Lord Fag as his drummer/vocalist. Needless to say, Lord Fag was merely responsible for playing the drums, identically to what The Marauder had instructed, and sang lyrics written entirely by The Marauder. This demo was what Mordgrimm released on CD, later on without The Marauder’s knowledge; another one of Lord Fag’s tricks. I’ve exhausted my reasons for losing my patience with my ex-band member. These events happened so long ago that they seem irrelevant today. He’s a fag. End the story.


06 - When I listen to your demos, I feel an evil atmosphere in the compositions. Today, you changed sound, and sound more influenced by the eighties; with various musical touches. What do you think of this analysis? Could you tell me about real old-school bands coming from your area?

Have you heard the production on all the 7” EPs that have been released? You’d think we recorded this last song “Hobo of Aramaic tongue”, in a sewer it sounds so shitty. At the moment, not much is entertaining me. There are a few musical releases that nevertheless deserve attention: Obtest, both albums, great music and intensity; Dub Buk, original and never boring or repetitive, great use of certain effects and the pagan and hate concept fits well; Chaos 88, simply the most offensive and lawless haterock available today, so much hate and violence that it makes no sense; Nocturnal Fear, from Detroit, explicitly dangerous thrash/speed/death metal played with intent to kill; don’t miss out on this! Temnozor, great use of folk instruments and variations on the signing style, nationalistic black Pagan metal from Russia; Crucifier, their debut album just totally explodes in you the face, sick, dark art and musical nightmare, this is the best thing in America today

07 - Speaking of your mystical lyrics in the period of your demos, these were based on black magic and occultism. On the other hand, the content of your new material is really raw and provocative!!! Your target is American Puritanism with its feeble-minded spirit. You advocate the destruction of the Judeo-Christian religion and the fucking synagogues which unveil their dirty, foreign religion when there are built. Don’t you think that, as a whole, the American mentality has become very extreme, as a consequence of the tragic events of the 11th of September?    

I hope it is obvious when I took charge of writing the lyrics. Black magic and poser childish belief were thrown in the trash can, along with the so-called wizard (he once told me he hoped to become a “wizard” when he grew up!?!?!) It is my intent to be extreme in every aspect. I find no pleasure in wandering  around within socially acceptable boundaries. The terrorist retaliation for United State-Israeli political fornication was in no way, form or shape a catalyst for our extreme prejudice towards Judeo-Christian society. Our mindless anger was sparked a long time ago. I will say this however: all those faggots who oppose Christianity and claim to be part of so-called black metal world but feel offended when G.B.K ridicules and desecrates Judaism can fuck off! For any metal hippie bastard to think that one is not the root of the other, and deserves an even worse attack, is a fucking ignorant and pacifist homosexual slave!!! Complete denial of Islam goes without saying; there is no need to write about that filthy religion, as it hasn’t infiltrated Europeans in the same degree as the kosherbeast has. Don’t assume Muslims haven't been taken into consideration. France in particular is ridden with their physical and ideological filth. Fuck your heavy metal brotherhood and community. It is your irresponsible condoning of money-lending religions that recruited you into heavenly enslavement in the first place!!!


 08 - “Mocking the philanthropist” was released on Wood nymph records, with the “A witness...” EP. Personally, are you satisfied with your collaboration with this Belgian label? As you know, it doen’t exist anymore... Do you know the strange reason for this? Why is Demonic not on this album, replaced by this unknown guy called Der Sturmer? There is also a short featuring of this magnificent blonde called Lilith, she’s not on “Judeobeast...” Do you only keep her for intensive gang-banging now?

Yes, this was our first honest label and dedicated folk of the underground. Of course, I know why it doesn’t exist any more. This label only released material, it was not a distribution. Their only outlet for getting rid of their releases was major distributors such as Rough Trade/Osmose/Hammerheart records. Our CD was boycotted by these commercial firms and they refused to carry it. The financial backlash was too great, and Wood Nymph records only survived to release a few more CDs without proper distribution. They preferred to die with honor than to fold to the requests of the capitalist scumbags. Demonic was briefly replaced by The Marauder, and then Der Sturmer, however he never abandoned G.B.K. At certain times throughout the years, people have certain responsibilities and cannot focus entirely on the band. During these times, other hordes are summoned for the position. We are all close comrades still to this day, all of us. If something happens to one person, the other one is there ready to take his place. This is how we work. Demonic originally played guitars in Doomstone, and recorded their first CD. Der Sturmer also played bass for Hearse, one of Cazz’s doom metal projects. Lilith is still around and will contribute to G.B.K. She was never a live member, but her musical genius is always accepted here. This woman is far too classy for a gang-bang, sorry to break your heart, Ronan! (Ron: joke, obviously!


 09 - What’s your impression on the re-release of “Mocking...” with the “A witness...” EP as a bonus? Why was it limited to 666 copies only?

It had to be done, as the original had only been done in 1000 copies and never distributed effectively. I don’t know why the re-release was limited, that was pointless. The re-release was then pressed in 1000 more copies. Since then I’ve asked Barbarian Wrath not to repress it, as I will release it on my labels Drakkar/Moribund in the original format.



  10 - Well, I noticed that on the CD version of “Judeobeast...”, there was an unreleased track which wasn’t on the vinyl, where the song on this format isn’t the same!!! Is this an error of the label or your own decision? 

This was purposely done. The extra song was put on the LP version (GG Allin’s “I kill everything I fuck”) to piss off the black metal babies in the scene. The CD version had a very somber distorted lullaby riddled with bomb explosions. It has meaning to me personally.


11 - However, on the first pressing of your first album, the title is “Mocking the philanthropist”. I don’t understand way the second edition is called “Castate the redeemer’. Please, could you explain this radical change? 

Inexplicable. My guess is that it served as a marketing ploy. It is ridiculous as it is the same fucking album.

12 - So, Gelal, how did you find the beer I offered you and the beautiful woman at the Drakkar festival? Did you notice some interesting formations on that crazy night? What did you think of your gig and the response of the crowd? How was the European tour in general (gigs, bands, relations and trip)?


That was no beer (Ron: one beer before), I believe it was honey liquor from France, correct? (Ron: it’s true, but it comes from my homeland, Brittany) You and some other Gentiles tried to get me wasted. Nice try…. The best gigs were played with Watain and Magog for sure. There was a maniac asshole banging his head into the stage, bleeding all over my shiny boots. What a dick!?!?! I wonder who this was??? (Ron : liar Alex!!!lol) 

                                                   Interview : Kanz-Noz

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