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Insane maniacs Bestial Mockery devour mankind to its core, driven by a chaotical breath of fire and charging with a whirlwind of barbaric tunes. They hit you with the wrath of hell, inflict you the fear of the death sentence and march the path of the devil borrowed by the swedish black metal elite to crush you down with the hammer of damnation with their total fuckin’ black thrashing and destructive music, and harass the basis of all christian beliefs with violence and perversion until they all fall down. Our present witness of this mayhem is actually the wife of their necrovocalist, and thus appears as the ultimate source to satisfy our lust for a burning interview, so let’s give her some special infernal thanks. And then Motorsag opens the gates of hell to us...




01 - Hailz Motorsåg, How are you doing now?


Hell-o Goatpal! Master here, I am doing fine I just been to the graveyard last night smoked some spliffs with my Chilean death metal neighbor, today I will barbecue maybe have some brew and smoke more pol pot.


02 - Bestial mockery started initially with you and Warslaughter. When did you decide to create the band? How did you know Warslaughter? In the same time you have recruited two musicians in order to create the first bombastical hymn, so could you tell me your beginning? .

Ha its was not very bombastic more harsh and primitive untight shit but yeah, I got to know Warslaughter in school I had some cool lps and he had even rawer stuff like bathory, boltthrower, exhumer, macabre and Sodom so we went nuts out in the forests putting fire drinking mead destroying the forest and cutting ourselves, then one day we realized we had to do something extreme the mid 90th were very crappy and weak keyboards started to gain ground we wanted to be as unprofessional, extreme, annoying and provocative not like rest of Sweden’s melodic shit at that time, I found Doomanfanger in school too and jocke christcrusher when I went to buy weed the first time.


03 - In anno 1996, the Bestial mockery war machine has recorded the ‘ Battle ‘ promo tape! What is your personal opinion about it? I would like to know if the critics were good or bad about this first release? Why Christcrusher left the horde before the recording?

We recorded it between second rehearsal in 1996 and the coming 6 until summer 1997 then we dubbed some like 50 copies and spread in mail and at festivals most people hated it and we liked that, if people hated it we had made something good at least in Sweden some few people abroad in the eastern underground liked it and then we recorded the first demo, Christcrusher was mainly a drunk junkie that liked to threat people and cut himself he was the fun kind of guy who bragged about being in dissection for 3 rehearsal and then getting the boot for being to stoned and crappy, he was great at solos though but he get problems with the law and escaped to Norway but it did not get better there he often crashed his car while being chased or on too much drugs last time I meet him he sold drugs to schoolkids in Sweden close to Norway’s border.


04 - You state that music is not the most important thing in black metal, but attitude too!! Musically I think there’s a strong Bathory or Sodom influence in B.M, but what made you to think in this way about black metal? How do you think B.M. should be played?

With dedication and morbid devotion to the dark, yes music skills are not the most important but still music is important but for me many styles can be black metal as long as it is satanic, we have never recruited members out of skill its only if they have seemed fucked up enough for us and also being mental enough to stand us for a long time for us its constant chaos and war and fights. Yes Sodom, bathory, Sadistik Exekution, old Slayer, Anti-cimex, macabre and venom are big influences for us. Black metal is the game I play coz no-one showed me the right way bloody antichrist only believe in bad spit at the church evil I get! We are the blasphemers of life!


07 - Well, what’s your point of view about the current Swedish scene? You say that you’re famous for your fucked up scene show...well, then you have to  describe a show to me? How is the Swedish audience? You played with Lord Belial several time as well as another festival/concert such as ‘ Hell gates festival’; October 2001 tour in Holland with Maniac butcher, Driller killer... in east European with Sear bliss, Obtest...and in Gothenburg with Autopsy Torment, Devil lee rot. Which ones did I forget to mention? How were all these experiences?


Live is always so fucked up for us but I am sorry I cant give you a special story coz all our gigs except maybe 2 have been utter massacre and chaos we just now returned home from Holland where we did one of our best gigs ever total war people from 7 different nations where to give us war support!  Hail Betrayed and Alasthor!!! Live for violence- live is violence! Nuclear holocaust death n Armageddon, hate and destruction darkness and evil we are obsessed by violence! Live rituals are spikes, smoke, goatheads, chainsaws, blood, fire, torture, pain, corpsepaint, gasmasks, chains, studs, leather, executioner’s masks, bloodsoaked cloths, beatings, bulletbelts, inverted crosses and war helmets. We have done like 45 gigs about now and we will only do 2 more ever so be in Holland in June!The Swedish scene I don’t give much for its basically only Nifelheim, Matricide, Suicidal Winds, Kill, Vornth, Lethal and Repugnant I care for.



08 - I know for sure you had kind of friendship with Mad Max, The Impaler of Trendies because ‘ Live for violence ‘ split tape live with Lust(Can) have been pressed on his label! So I think his death affects you! Would you like to say any word in his memory?

Today it was 6 years ago since he jumped o the bridge in Canada and I have a bit hard talking about it now on my hangover hell and comedown shit he did so much for Bestial Mockery and many of my friends bands without him I don’t think we would have been the same. And he was a fucking great wimpbeater with the same fucked up humor and SadX worship as me and he did more for the scene in some few years than bands like Nocturnal breed or companies like Agonia do in their whole lifetime! I raise my beer to you brother Trendies, fakes and rip offs be ware!


09 - The following year the nuclear war arrived... an alliance with the motherfuckers Suicidal winds was released in the form of a split 7” autoproduction with mediocre distribution. Are you a collector of this kind of stuff?  


Mediocre distro ha ha I send that fucker everywhere but it was only like 200-300 copies made, yeah I love Eps and I take pride in never re-releasing certain track of our eps they should only be for those who are faithful and support the underground like the track Nuclear Goat we recently did a shirt with that for Agonia Rex. Also we got loads of shit for having that misunderstood painter doing our cover he he it’s painted in France btw.

10 - Then comes the  demo  ‘war - the final solution’...can you describe the message behind this title? Do you want to loud the end of the world?

Yes I want that but I don’t know if it will come, I pray each day for it but…Anyhow war is the final solution for both mankind and Christianity we must have a settling of accounts with this biggest plague ever in history and war is the answer to your prayers. We recorded this and Nuclear Goat tracks at same time and I think it was like a word in the right time we were infestered by crappy mediocre black metal and that time and keyboards and female vocals everywhere fuck off!

11 - ‘A sign of victory’ 7”  was a great musical evolution but i would like to know where this dead picture was taken? Is this picture didn’t cause you any problem?

Ah you think well I don’t remember exactly we recorded it in Genocide pit as with Christcrushing  Hammerchainsaw LP but ok no one have said anything good until barley Evoke the Desecrator but I guess we started to be more intense and fucked up here but also here is more punk again which I like the same with Tribute to I-17 that was recorded same time also the track for the 4 split was done during this session. It was taken in Africa during a civil war, Warslaughter always use to buy Soldier of Fortune mag Warslaughter is still so obsessed with war he got offer to join Nordic battle group on last rehearsal but he had to say no due to our next album and he is still often out on maneuvers etc. And we also decided this cover already on first rehearsal for this ep also we during the first year decided all our album titles, concept, most song names and even m-lps it was only split we did not include in our grand scheme and we are soon finished with all we have planned its only like 4-5 releases left.


12 - The weapons are back on the battlefield ‘ Christcrushing hammerchainsaw’ is the first assault released under the Swedish label Metal blood music. How this deal with them happened? Is the album got good feedbacks with the fanzines, fans?

It got huge and fucking overwhelming response I think I got 120 reviews and 130 interviews for that album,  actually we were still signed to Downfall records the guy form Nåstronds label but then one night when I was going to my pusher and already fucking baked a speeded Irish bastard phoned me and raved about how much he liked war the final solution and chainsaw demons return demos and wanted to sign us and we kept having contact discussing Sodom, Sadistik Exekution and drugs so we finally signed there and later got osmose to buy us out form Downfall records, anyhow Conor made us a great deal and we were free to do whatever the fuck we wanted and we did and it turned out to be Christcrushing actually our initial plans was to record Evoke at this time but we did this LP instead first and let Erik of Watain and his girl Susanna do the layout it turned out great and then we hired my mentally disturbed neighbor Ekeroth to do the cover. I am also very proud to have been the guy pushing Conor my friend of Metal Blood into signing both Vomitor and the cursed Face of Evil Sweden’s best band for me after Bathory.


13 - I feel that you strongly appreciate provocation. I saw that you wear sometime a SS hat on stage without forget this sexy picture of you (Chainsaw execution LP) nude, taken in your bedroom in which you were hailing Hitler! Have you ever been insulted by your enemies? However you don’t seem to be neither a Nazi nor a commie. Sorry I’m a true bitch with you! Would you be interested in a deal with No Colours in the future? What do you think about the NSBM movement?


First it was not my bedroom it was me and warslaughters living room at the time, it was not SS hat it was a Wehrmacht anti-air force Captains hat and yes I am very fascinated about WWII but also WWI that is even more interesting and why should I not its excellent reading and history. Also I was wearing a bulletbelt, second we often had very weird naked parties and debauchery at this time much drugs, insanity…., yes people hate me and confront me and even put out my real name and address in a book for commies so they can come and attack me like real brave men. Also it’s very funny since I am married to a girl of jewish descent.  I must just say how easily affected the underground is if anyone with something in their brain saw these pix they would understand how unserious we are also I cant understand how morals can exist in satans music everyone seem to be like little gossiping prudent grandmas, everyone just wanna be fed with lies and believe in them it just shows how empty peoples lives are. First of all I hate the NSBM scene it’s so weak and crappy and have nothing to do with Black Metal the lord is boundless and don’t care of race or colour. Second yes to provoke and do the things that are opposed to people’s nature is a way of the left hand path. I would wear of Inverted cross in the Vatican, a turban in the mosque, a swastika at Treblinka and a regular cross in India ha ha. We are the bestial mockery of every thing that is holy and sacred. And yes of corpse I am not either a Nazi or a commie I am a Satanist, I hate everyone equally you can’t tear that out of me! I appreciate every great leader who have destroyed his or other people salvation through destruction! And no we would not be interested in No colours ever Death to mankind approached us with a nice deal but to not get more blamed to be Nazis we try not to work that way, we are even on a Anti NSBM comp cd now, and also most NSBM people are also from crappy countries that they themselves would have been executed by the Nazis its so fun ah the irony, I also think its fun I have meet Turks, Spanish and even partly mulattos in France that claim to be Nazis ha ha my god.


14 - The mighty ‘ Evoke the desecrator’ and ‘Gospel of the insane’ releases devastate, crushing all feeble mind without compromise...I find much more intensity, anger and hate in respect to your old stuffs, you have incorporated some fuckin’ thrash riffs:‘ Necromantic ritual desecration ‘ ;‘ Necroslut’....How do you describe them? Are you proud of it? I heard Osmose wasn’t correct with some of its signatures such as Vital remains, Rotting christ, Necromantia ...so did you have some problems with Hervé herbaut and Myriane?


I am very proud of Evoke even though the production could have been rawer it still have some of my fave songs on that album.Hmmm…. Myriane I don’t know who it is, and no not initially we had no problems they digged our stuff but I don’t think they know what they signed we were a bit too tucked up for them and also tried to calm us down or censor us ha ha not a good idea. Then we left when the contract was over they had option for one more but we said we were done now. Otherwise they were professional and it was great to share label with Sadistik Exekution and barely all my other fave bands!


15 - I have noticed a split 7” on Witching metal records, I think it’s a kind of tribute to Sodom because I perceived some influences. I find strange that your track is not a new one, wasn’t possible to include another one?

No not at that time it was not and it was a new version of an old demo track. Yeah it was a total hail to Sodom and also we will do a maniac tribute with barley the same bands as on the split + Protector and Suicidal Winds we gonna re-record the whole In the sign of Evil M-Lp+ Vomitor contribute with Proselytism Real.

16 - About your pictures with full leather, spikes, bullets… Do you claim the war against Christianity? I guess you’re listening to metal music for a long time now! What was the first band you listened to in your youth?

War is the final solution for planet stench just listen to our new song Deathsong and you will see my point. I embrace war in all its forms I hail all destruction be it my own country or America, Kosovo or Bangladesh I don’t care. But right now I sit all hangover stoned and pleased watching CNN and see Israel burning cant beat that feel and answering this interview of corpse he he. I want all people to be in tyranny and suffer and worship, I hail religious believers and extremists I want more die-hard christians, jews and most of all muslims to destroy the world with heir ideals and wars ideologically speaking then on the other hand personally I hate all muslims, christians etc. and every day I wanna blow up their mosques and churches and burn the old rotten nice and polite nuns and show their own crucifix up their rotten ass! Black metal must be bullet belts and violence!!! The first band that got me into metal was Iron Maiden.


17 - Under which circumstances Mister Motorsag got the opportunity to visit my Celt country? Do you like traditional food, nature, fest noz? I hope that you keep some good memories!!!(Don’t forget to come to see me next time!)


I visited Bretagne last summer and Ok I will visit you and you will buy my chouchen and crêpes for my spliff, yeah for sure I appreciate the Celt heritage I went to some museums and megaliths that was interesting.


18 - As i know you are a Bathory die-hard, what was your reaction when you learned Quorthoon died? Did you have the chance to meet him once before his death?

It’s great everyone should die; only thing about Bathory is that he had so much unreleased stuff left that should have been out before I also never got back my interview from him and albums like Witchcraft and Maleus maleficarum arggh just think of those he had in stock. Bathory was the ultimate black metal band!

Hail the hordes! Die in fire!

19 - Alright, your plans for the future with Bestial mockery?



20 - I thank you very much for your time! If you have something to add...

Thanks for support and nothing to add but a
fuck off to all peace loving hippie faggots and Trendies in Black Metal! Bestial Mockery is the ultimate fuck off to everything sacred and holy!!! 666!!! - Master Motorsåg from the outbombed trenches of Armageddon over and out.



                                                          Interview : Kanz-Noz

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