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There is an english underground  death metal scene,with  Evoke being an entity of the first wave of anglo saxons in the early 90 ' S. Unfortunately, they will remain in the darkness compared to the pioneers Bolt thrower, Carcass… pearhaps  due to their record label System Shock Records. I  would love  for their masterpiece to be re-released,for the pleasure of new deathmetalheads everywhere. Anyway Evoke attacks with a radical darkest heavy pounding death metal feeling, with a feeling of alarming technical aggressiveness that tears out  the intestines of the atrocious suffering.Of course they gave a whiplash by propagating a vigorous power of execution,with preserving  evil touches which is proven on `Dreaming the reality ` and also on the black pearl `the fury written' . Despite everything a miracle happened the day  I met John the founder of Evoke by chance on the files share program Soulseek  we became friends and did great trades a lot with endless  discussions.Well, I  finally decided to pay a great homage in my pages to Evoke. Welcome in the infernal cave of perversion the vokills who did not keep his  tongue in his pocket ,the mine eitheir.


Evoke - 1994

 01 - Hello John ! Well, busy with Ancient Enemy Records ? What clicked on you to found a record label ? Could you give me pieces of information about the first productions to come in the next months ?

Hi ronan, my frog eating friend. Well ive been wanting to start the label for a number of years, but due to poor health , its been delayed. Any way, things are now starting to work out with getting releases sorted out. My aim is to release unreleased songs or rare material on vinyl only. The 1st release will be the   INFESTDEAD/DARKCIDE - split ep , which will feature unreleased songs of both bands, these are of course dan swano project bands. The 2nd release will be the DEVOURMENT - shallow grave ep , this is the swedish band with ex carnage vocalist johan luma on vocals, nice long lost recordings that the band didnt even have. Im also in the process of working on a MASTICATION - discography lp. Oh and by the way the label is called ANCIENT ENEMY RECORDS


02 - If I am not mistaken Evoke was formed around 1993 by you and Martin Tryer, Gavin O’Malley, James Hogg and John Parkin during the rising death metal era. If your memories are still in a state of order could you tell me how you met with the other members and how old you were at that time ? Was it difficult to find musicians to play that kind of metal in your homeland ? Before founding Evoke it seems you were already active in the underground metal scene with various activities, is that true ?

Well i met john parkin around 90-91 when i was living with uk death metal band DESECRATOR, he was just learnng guitar then and was about to form a thrash band called deviance.,Around 1992 he told me he was doing band rehearsals for another band so i went along to watch  and the guy who was doing the vocals then , was pretty crap and not bothering to sing , so i said id have a go , jhust for a laugh, he liked what he heard so a few months later we started evoke together. The 1st line up of evoke was me , john parkin and drummer kents and bassist matt , this is the line up that did the prpmo 93 tape. Its never been difficult for us to find members ,  all have been friends of ours  so. Yea i was into the death metal scene early , my 1st demo i brought was the death - mutilation demo in 86 , soon after that i got into the tape trading scene and as they say the rest is history.


03 - Would you agree with me saying that lots of british metal bands were doom metal unlike you who went for a fuckin’ raw death metal ? So what were the factors that pushed you not to follow that musical path ? I don’t want to kick a fuss, but England is well known for its rainy and depressing weather, so I thought that gloomy atmosphere could be one of the main reasons for the abundance of doom metal bands there, am I wrong ?

I guess the main reason why we didnt follow the doom metal path is because i FUCKING HATE IT, i always loved the early swedish death metal so thats what i wanted to do , the guitarist loved bolt thrower and morbid angel  , so all those influences went into evokes music . Hahaha, yes maybe the crap english weather made those bands doomy or maybe its just there crap and couldnt do anything else' . But there were some cool uk death metal bands around at that time , like bolt thrower , blasphemer etc etc.



04 - You made your first steps with a promo tape in 1993 a few months after having founded the band. In my opinion, that tape had a fuckin’ swedish feeling with its ultra heavy guitars and dark vocals. Could you please tell me every detail about its making,

from composing to recording ? Did you get good appreciations with it ?

Personally i think those songs were more doomy , but yes very swedish sounding, Those 2 songs took ages to finish as the drummer and bass player were fucking useless, hence after that recording they were kicked out and replaced by ian bacon and dave marshall. That promo 93 is actually just a reheasal we recorded and sent out to a few friends. i dont like it at all its CRAP. Ihave no idea why but people really liked that recording and those songs , so we got good reviews with it . Althoguhg when those 2 guys were kicked out we never did those songs again.


05 - The next release was the « I Am God » demo with five tracks of wild death metal in the same vein as the previous ones, featuring newcomers Dave Marshall and Ian Bacon. Do you see a difference in the composing or style compared to the first one ? Why didn’t Gavin O’Malley and James Hogg didn’t take part in that recording ? What is the meaning of its title, a rejection of all monotheistic religions ? An expression of individualism ?

The songs on I AM MY OWN GOD , were alot more professional and totally better played, the 2 new guys were far better muscians, but werent writing much material for the band at that time. Well the main reason gavin and james didnt play on those songs is because neither of them was in the band, and both were never in the band at the same time. Personally i loved the sound of the demo . Well the title of the demo came from my personal views on religion, i find its better to believe in yourself than waste your time worhipping others , because if you dont look after yourself , no one else will, no matter how much of a god you think there is.



06 - At that time death metal bands came in masses, and some of them, in spite of being really captivating, just couldn’t make their way out of it. Do you think you had something that distinguished you from the others ? Were you in friendship with some of them ? .

Thats actually a good question , i have no idea why some of those bands never did more than just the demos, i guess it helped us alot cos of my days of tape trading and writing for zines, i had the contacts which helped us get noticed more and freinds who had small labels. So we got to do the eps and compilation cds  which in the end gave us more exposure.Maybe those bands didnt push so hard, i guess youd have to ask them  this question. Yes evoke were friends with alot of the death metal bands around at that time , including the one sthat actually made it big like, immolation, vital remains, edge of sanity , etc etc

07 - I presume you saw cults death metal bands in concert, would you make a list ? Who impressed you the most and why?

Personally i saw godly bands like , EDGE OF SANITY, CEMETARY,FURBOWL, THERION.DISSECTION,ENTOMBED, OBITUARY (with barney of n. death on vocals) , AT THE GATES, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED,MORGOTH,MASSACRE,AUTOPSY, etc etc all these in the early 90s . The edge of sanity show i remember well, was totally awesome , so much energy , great songs , and a night in the pub with the guys before the show hahahaha. The furbowl/therion show in 1995 was great too, was the 1st time id seen bands play live in sweden.



08 - Coming back to your discography I have a fantastic 1995 rehearsal recording with a fucking great sound, titles are : « As Daylight Returns », « Another Dawn Beckons » and « Your truth Is A Lie ». As far as I know those tracks don’t figure on any official recording, what did happen to these tracks for getting forgotten ? Weren’t they supposed to appear on a single ?

Aww you have those songs, well once again they were recorded from a rehearsal, seems we get a better suund at rehearsals than the studio. Im not so sure why we never recorded those songs , because we did play them live ,i guess at that time we were writing alot of stuff , so just decided that the songs wrote after that were better , so they got left behind. If any bands wanna use those songs for there own matrial feel free to do so, just lend me your girlfriend for the day as payment , hahaha. No ronan they werent planned for any release at all , just old songs laid to rest.

09 - I’d like to know how many times a week did you rehearse ? Which member was the more active in terms of composing / writing ? Could you describe me the place where you rehearsed ? What were your feelings when you achieved a song ?

Personally i reheased once a week with all the band attending. But i know some of the other guys practiced at home , or went to each others houses to write the music . I never did much practicing , i was the one in the band that did all the mailing and contacting people, the business side of it. The place we practiced was  a school music room, with the crappiest accoustic ever , sunded terrible in there , but it was close to where we lived  so not far for taking all our equipment, was also close to the pie shops,so we could eat and get fat.



10 - That same year was a new departure for you, I refer to the releasing of the “Behold The Twilight” EP by Megagrind Records of course, but also to the two promotional tracks which were quite different from those on the EP and more brutal with a Morbid Angel influence. How were the reactions to the 7” like ? Were you satisfied with the deal ? Why taking a new musical direction after that EP ? Why doesn’t it figure in your discography on the Metal Archives website ?

I guess the reason why those songs were a little different was because we had gavin omalley join us (ex lawnmower deth) , so his influeneces were included in those tracks. Well there wasnt so much a deal with megagrind, it was always gonna be a one ep deal. The main reasin we got this release was because id been freinds with perra/megagrind/heathendoom. from the days he played in the band SUFFER, he liked evoke so asked us if we wanted to do a ep. so we jumped at the chance and hence the ep. As with most releases  some like it, some dont. But most liked it including at the gates, who when played in the uk reconised us at the show and came over fr a chat. The only reason it isnt on metal archives is because no one as added it, and im for sure not gonna add anything on that site , lots of people adding stuff are retards , who download something off soulseek , then instantly add it to metal archives without knowing anything about the band , for example, i rip my demos and add them to soulseek, a week later the said demos are on metal archives , no band logo or photo, only the information that i put with the demo for downloading.FUCK METAL ARCHIVES, i use cvltmetal.com


11 - One year later System Shock pressed the split EP with Kadath. Were they the only label interested in you ? Did you get other offers ? Why having signed to them and not to Earache for instance (especially considering how Earache signed lots of english death metal bands) ? How many copies were sold ? Was the split record with that german band the label’s idea or yours ? Since you were in touch with many underground bands maybe you already knew them before ?

Sorry your information is wrong , it was paranoia syndrome records, once again you read metal archives (another point proven about that shit site). W e had a few companies interested in evoke at that tome , but i was once again freinds with the guy from that label , so we decided to do a deal with him. We werent ready for a cd yet , so decided eps were best for us. I was freinds with a few people at earache in those days, but we never got passed the just freinds , so no deal was offered, althoguh there was talk of it. The eps all sold out from the label , i think 500 were pressed but i cant remember exactly. It was the labels idea for it to be evoke/kadath, we had nothing to do with chosing another band, we gave him the band logo and the music , he did the rest.



  12 - Evoke pushed musical violence to extremes with killer death metal riffs and tempo changes, and seemed to never lose their guts and anger as witnessed on that lethal bootleg recorded live in . Cumberland, it just proves you weren’t a B-grade death metal band. You seem to have opened for very various acts : Sabbat (UK), Malevolent Creation, Saxon, Morbid Symphony, Krisium, Hibernoid, Master, Krabator, and so on.Can you describe me the atmosphere between you and the audience during that gig in Cumberland in 1995 ? How many people were there ? Among all the concerts you played, which one will remain unforgettable in the band history ? It is pretty unusual that a band as established as Saxon had an underground death metal band for guests, under what circumstances were you proposed to open for those living legends ? Were there other bands on the bill ? What was the year ? Do you know if the members of Saxon watched your show, did they make you any comments about it ? How was the reaction of the traditional heavy metal fans in the audience to your music ?


Hahaha, the cumberland, that place was in liverpool , was a great place for shows, the crowd there are one of the best , those fuckers know how to party. We loved going up there. Usually there were about 200 at those shows. Of course we had a good time with the crowd, but obvioulsy it takes time for a band to grow and relax with an crowd , once youve done a few shows , most of the nerves are gone and your shows improve. My personal favourite show , was the one in london , camden underworld , supporhting malevolent creation, master and krabathor , it was one of the best shows we ever did , a great crowd going insane, a grreat sound and no fuckups , hahaha.Well the saxon gig was part of the very 1st BLOODSTOCK festival , the guy who organises that was our manager at the time so he gave us the gig. I have no idea if saxon watched us , but we ate curry with them later , hahaha , we were the only death metal band at that show but we went down great and had a big crowd watch us

13 - In the past there used to be joined tours of bands with opposite musical style, like the Slayer/W.A.S.P. tour or the Sabbat/UDO tour, unfortunately the relationships between the heavy metal fans and the thrash metal fans weren’t very good during the gigs, and the same went for the musicians. How would you explain that kind of attitude ?

Well this happens through all things in life , the jews dont like the christians, the christians dont like the muslims , the muslims dont like any body , the english dont lke the french etc etc etc, so why wouldnt music be any different.


14 - Your debut album « Dreaming The Reality » was out on System Shock again, I think the final result very satisfying, from the heavy death metal compositions to the production and very clean mixing. What do you think about it ? I suppose every fan of death metal would highly appreciate it, did it sell well ? How much money were you given for the recording ?

There are alot of aspects to that release i dont like, some of the songs are missing ideas which should of been on it , but you cant really hear on the cd, when i listen to it now , ive got to admit that i dont like it, some of the songs are really good , but the sound is just not so great.Regarding the sales , i have no idea the amount it sold , must have been enough for them to release another. System shock didnt even pay for that cd, the songs were already recorded and paid for by us , we then shopped it around to labels and after a few months . system shock wanted it, so they got a free cd those fuckers. They werent a good label at all, but no point stressing over that now. Hahahaha money , your joking, what the fuck is money. We did get paid something , maybe i brought some french fries with that money.



15 - I find the record sleeve to be intriguing with different levels of interpretation... Well, to describe the artist’s work I’d say obscurity dominates over a distant light, would it be like a search for a light that could finally be an illusion ? Can you introduce that unknown painter ? On what criteria did you choose his work ?

Fuck man  , your reading alot in to a cover , haha. I had nothing to do wit organising the art work, that was done by the other john, but the artist was kris verwimp from belgium, he had been doing the marduk covers at that time, so is kinda well known. We sent him the music and song and cd titles and he sent us this artwork , so it was from his own imagination and interpretation of the music that inspired his idea for the cover. I think its great artwork and was really happy to use this guys work.

16 - Lyrics deal with a certain disgust for society that could match the cover, a mental suffering caused by wounds that never heal… In what state of mind are you when you write that inner suffering down on paper ? Do you think that playing in a band can wash away the frustration felt from everyday banality ?


Well most of the lyrics dealt with my personal struggle with life , due to various illness ive had. So generally they are depressing and bleak. I wrote a few of the songs while in hospital , so was easier to write down how i felt, it kind of helped writing this stuff down , then turing the words into a song. Playing in a band can be fun , but also a pain in the ass , depends what type of person you are , maybe some people think its kvlt to be ina band, you know all these teenages wanna be in aband and playing black metal.

17 - What do you think about the english punk movement that started in the 70s and its messages directed against fucking Margarett Tatcher and capitalistic pigs obsessed by their own profits ? Do you think living under the royal banner is a burden for the working class judging from all the troubles they had to bare ? (saying this I spare the details of course...)

I dont really know much about the punk movement , so it would be wrong for me to comment on it, but i fully understand the hatred for margerate thatcher , what a fuck up she made of this country, fucking council tax, selling the uk companies, she should of been hanged for treason the bitch. The monarchy means nothing much today, i dont think theres many who cares about the queen, she doesnt really do fuck all , but either way with her or with out her its fine, we still stick with politicians , those fucking morons.



18 - I guess taking « Evoke » as a band name came from a long-time thinking, what is its exact meaning to you ?

Well i actually didnt choose the name EVOKE , that was choosen by john parkin(guitars), he just liked the word , was simple and means to conjute something , so we both agreed wed use it, Also at that time wasnt a typical death metal name. so viola Evoke was born


19 - Well, after the first album you recorded another split-single with Aeternum (Switzerland) for . Paranoia Syndrom Records, including a fuckin’ great and perfectly executed Carnage cover. Was it important for you to record that EP before the second album ? Do you like the Amorphis cover by Aeternum ? How long did it take for that EP to be sold out given the low number of copies ?


The reason we did that ep is because paranoia syndrome boss steve (aetenum vocalist) , liked the other split ep we didi for him , so asked if we wouold do the same again, and we instantly agreed, pls we got to do that carnage cover which was a real honour for us. Ithink those 2 songs of ours on that ep are the best we ever recorded, the sound is awesome, and we did it all in 2 days. Ive never even heard the amorphis cover on the aeternum side (aint i sad) , i never played the record, its just stuck in my collection somewhere, i usually just play my cd copy of it , is it any good???? I dont know how fast it sold out , but i think it was quick, maybe you should interview steve and ask him.


20 - In 2000 « The Fury Written » full-lenght was finally the last effort from Evoke and was a little different in its musical arrangement, with much use of blast beats and tempo changes along with ultra technical guitar soli influenced by american death metal bands if I’m not mistaken. How did you compose those new tunes and who decided for that somewhat different musical direction ? Listening again to the two albums do you perceive a progression or a regression in the end of Evoke’s career ? Did you get good reviews from the press ?

I’d say the main reason behind that release being a little different was that we had james hogg join the band and add his own writing abilities and that the drummer ian also wrote some of the songs, which he added a more morbid angel influence to the song writing. id say it was a progression and not a regression, as i prefer the songs on THE FURY WRITTEN to the 1st cd. The cd was really well recieved in the press "KERRANG" gave it uk death metal cd of the decade, so we had no complaints. i wrote most the lyrics really late for a few of the songs due to health problems once again, so when i went inthe  studio , 2 of the songs i didnt even rehearse the lyrics for , infact when i sang one of those songs live i never sang it the same twice, different everytime, hahahaha




21 - I am pretty amazed by the introduction and its talented musicality reminding me of great classical composers, but don’t you think there is an abyss between it and the second track ? I think the intro doesn’t match the rest of the record, the difference really strikes my ears, a darker introduction would have been more appropriate, don’t you think so ? 


No i thought the intro suited the cd really well , building up nicely for the opening riffs of "the truth beyond your paradise" , dunno why u dont like it, but oh well your french.


22 - what the fuck happend to 22 , are you racist against 22 hahahaha

Ron : Well, John it was a phantom question it wasn’t necessary to answer anything, I awaited your reaction also I am glad to have had you in beauty hehe!
I thought that you would have smelled my trick,  I believed that you were more intelligent than that. However to explain one of the principal reasons of this choice: I wanted to create original things which haven´t ever been done before. I do not like too much to copy the ideas of the others… then second reason is I like to make pauses when I work on an interview as to take one moment to masturbate over a photograph of a superb girl on which I cracked on your page session pictures,  a superb brunette with blue eyes dressed ultra sexy  with a beautiful pair of tits, she is approximately between 20 and 30 years if I am a good visionist, in fact you have known it? Anyway if that is one of your free women relations  present it to me. I hope that the next ones will be more hot because I remain right on my end. Finally John a little behaviour into public you will shock the audience, I will have 30000 more million friends. No, I am not racist because I invited Marie George buffe yesterday evening  to eat at the house, with the meal there were a small monkey of new guine with background music of Stallagh but the worst at the end of the evening Marie George of the jungle dirtied my WC ,what a fuckin’ pig, she stacked everywhere, I think that she still saw too red.

23 - It seems the last unholy material from Evoke comes from the grave, I’m talking about the « Promo 2001 » featuring three tracks recorded by the old line-up that never saw the light of day. How did that  .recording session happen ? Did you know at that time that you would call it quits soon ? How was the atmosphere like in the band at that time, just a few months before parting ways ?

Well jamie from "crawlspace" had joined the band and we had a few new songs so we decided to go in the studio and see what wed come out with, this being the 3 song promo. theres diffently a new direction once again with those 3 songs, which only 1 of the songs i liked, but in general it was ok. At that time we were all happy, there were no problems in evoke, so in the studio it was fun as usual , id turn up put my vocals down and leave, then show up the next day to do the mixing. No one knew this would be the last evoke with me in the band.



24 - In July 2001 you left the band and Dave Appleby took your position but I noticed you weren’t the only one to leave, since the other members left shortly after and were immediately taken over by newcomers. The more surprising was that they didn’t even change the name of the band, that could be perceived as a total lack of respect for you, the same kind of betrayal that Euronymous got after his death from those assholes who should be called “The Fuck Mayhem” today. That said, the band splitted up a later anyway. Could you light my lantern over that blasphemy ?

Well id had health problems for quite awhile , but i had to leave evoke, because i couldnt tour any more , i developed kidney failure, so left the band, dave appelby didnt join straight away, they tried other guys for vocals but didnt do much for a while after i left and evoke just broke up. After a year os so they decided to start again with the same line up and dave appelby on vocals and in 2006 recorded a demo which is actually damn good and very different from the old evoke recordings , they kept the name but changed the logo. I had no problem then keeping the name evoke , im not the kind of guy who really cares about such pettinessover who sings my songs or band name etc, not like they were stealing money from me. But feel free to send them hate mail for there blasphemy.

25 - Evoke reunited in 2005 with this new line-up and splitted again in 2006 without an official release. Do you know what happened exactly ? They probably went through a troubled time for waiting so long to reunite. Do you know the reason for that come back ?

Basically they were always arguing, john parkin had a family etc so decided he wanted to spend time with his son , so evoke called it quits  and is no more. RIP. They all have new projects now , all in early stages yet, i was asked to do some vocals on one of the bands but declined, i dont need that shit anymore



26 - Just out of curiosity, I’ve heard that you were involved in a new musical project, in that case I’m sure your mind will go back to the brutal and bloody metal music...

I was asked to do a project band wth some ex evoke members , but said NO , i dont have the time or energy for it any more, i dont need all the backstabbing and bull shit that comes with it. In my early years i did a recordiong with dan swano , but that was a one off thing, was fun though.

27 - I have to confess that on the first time I saw the files you share on Soulseek, especially oriented to extreme underground bands, I felt like entering the cavern of the devil... Well, I’d like to know your personnal Top 30 (or a little less) demo ranking, please describe the musical style for each one ? When did you get first interested in that scene ? How many traders around the world were you in touch with, to whom did you write regularly ?

1996 was when i got my very 1st demo , so i guess that is when i got interested, anyway my top fave demos are


1. crypt of kerberos - promo 92  the best demo ever death

2. nihilist - only shreds remian d89 death

3. interment - where death will increase d91 death

4. laughing dead - demo 90 (usa bay area thrash)

5. phantasmogoria - promo 94 (swedsih black metal)

6. Twin Obscenity - Revelations Of Glaaki demo 95  black/death

7. unorthodox - santeria demo 95  death

8. demigod - - Unholy Domain demo 91  death

9. Dr. Shrinker - The Eponym demo 90  death

10. Death - Mutilation demo 86  death

11. Therion  - Beyond the Darkest Veils of Inner Wickedness d89  death

12. Therion  - Paroxysmal Holocaust d89  death

13. Unleashed  - The Utter Dark d90  death

14. Crematory  - Wrath from the Unknown d91   death

15. Macabre End - Consumed By Darkness d90  death

16. Nocturnus - The Science of Horror d88  death

17. Afflicted - The Odious Reflection d90   death

18. Sabbat  - Fragments of a Faith Forgotten d87   thrash

19. Spectral Birth - The Turbulence d88  /thrash

20. Altar  - ...And God Created Satan to Blame For His Mistakes d92 death.

Damn i was in contact with so many people from all over the world, including such peole as euronymous (mayhem), jeff (ex vital remains), prime evil. dr shrinker, kam (massacre), dan (edge of sanity) , christopher (therion), johnny (unleashed), johnny (deaf records). etc etc

I guess your talking about mayhem bootlegs etc, well i got the mayehm deathcrush many years ago, after hearing a song on the radio, i then wrote to euronymous and brought some of his releases. From then on i collect mayhem vinyl, theres just so much of it about, its difficult to get all, as yes i agree the new mayhem stuff is not so great , i sooner listen to the old stuff, that is still great to my ears. As i clue to what i got by mayhem i have 8 vinyl versions of deathcrush, 5 versions of de mysteriiis, 3 versions of pure fucking armegeddon. etc etc PLus all the rare bootleg lps and eps. I dont have soo many of those flexi eps that were released by budkon as they are pretty crap, I have 86 different mayhem vinyls



29 - Now it is your turn to ask me the same kind of  question. 


Apart from your collection of boney m lps, what is your biggest collection by a band and what was the 1st death metal band you fucked your girfriend too.


Ron : Species of fuckin’ bastard, I would tell the members of Living Color to make you the ass someday! I feel very well that you are not an enthusiastic admirer of the romanticism in all its flexibility. It seems to me that Boney M is much too brutal for me, I prefer listened to BB king while carrying a gas mask,dark vador is back!!!Fuck, I wonder which is the color of your fag pantie which you wear today.I recognize very well the badly shaven old man pervert who is looking for french prey. The first  death metal band which I listened to while fucking a chick, not a guy , was if my memories are right `seven churches' of Possessed however you make me well remember since I keep some good memories, it was a French festival or played Massacra ect…
Concerning the band that I collect since the first day is the mighty BATHORY.I has a ton of vinyls under different pressing and color however I would not hide it to you that i am addicted to early days of The True Mayhem too



30 - As tradition goes with my interviews (a tradition not always appreciated by some !), voices of perversity carry my sick desires... I had the opportunity to watch a few pictures of your former girlfriends and let me say you have a nasty taste for gorgeous thighs... The asian was clearly not shy facing the camera haha ! Don’t worry, I didn’t masturbate. Well Gold-Dick Man, which one was the toughest in bed ? Hey, I saw you had a list of porn movies on Soulseek, I haven’t even downloaded them yet, isn’t it surprising ? Tell me what are your favourite kinds of porn movies ?

My favourite kind of porn movies are the ones with women in them , i leave the animal and gay sex porn  for you. Not all my girlfreinds have been so hot but most have been nice in one way or another. As for the toughest, not sure what ya mean by that , but even if i told you which one , you still wouldnt know who she was, so whats the point. You can have copies of my porn anytime, not that ive seen them all, but i like to sell a few copies to people , a s it puts a little extra money in my pocket.


31 - So this interview is coming to an end, my friend. Next time I visit you I will rent a van  and make my shopping in your collection, and to end my trip with style why not a deal with one of your former perverse girls ? For I suppose you must have educated them in your own personal way haha ! Take care, old bat !

Well conan haha, thanks for the interview, sorry i couldnt supply you with anal pictures of my girlfriends as you requested. If you turn up at my house , ill set my dog and you , he will bite your french ass. Good luck with the zine and cant wait for your porn zine to come out. au revoir (or how ever its spelled)




                                                        Interview : Kanz-Noz

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