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Into the clutches of the devil, the servants of intolerance IMPALED NAZARENE opened the 7th gates of hell in the beginning of the 90's burning the wings of angels in a paradise in flames 'in nomine satanas' inflicting relentless punishments with the coming out of 'Shemhamforash' first executed incantation of massive  death pain defiant the shepherd's decapitation. Lucifer sabbatical legions of hell from the inner depths of impure earth, raping the virgin and decapitating the 12 apostles exciting wolflust at the coming of ' Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht ' second chaotical demo dropping blastering barbarity towards the destruction of commandments reducing to ashes the zionist bullshit. Chains of tyrrany delivered me of the eternal seed in sulfurous sacrificial carnages uniting all tribes of hatred flowing in Golgotha's river of blood when the wardog IMPALED NAZARENE rised up the heretic kingdom despising bethlehem bastards with ' Goat Perversion ' 7" crumbling the fire's anger. The redeemer won't enjoy when he'll hear the howlings of hatred of ceremony's chief Mika Lutinen damned forever. The nuclear war is declared....



01 - Firstly I would like to know how Impaled Nazarene was formed?

It was by me and Mike Paako on november XXV anno Satanas as both of us were unhappy at the time what our previous bands were doing.

02 - So,what is the current line-up?

It is : Mika Lutinnen - vocals, Kimmo Lutinnen - drums, Ari Hoppa - Guitar, Mikka Paako - lead guitar and Harri Halonen - Bass.

03 - Well, ' Goat Perversion ' 7 ' comes to be released on italian label Nosferatu also could you tell me your impressions about it?Are you satisfied with the final result?

Yes i am,we did run out of money while we were mixing it but I suppose it is quite cool production for that sum which we spent in studio.It seems that other people prefer our 7' to demo and vice versa.




04 - With the proprer perspective what do you think sincerely of your previous both demos now?

I can't stand ' Shemhamforash ' reh/tape,it is awful and people should realize it is not anymore available. ' Taog ' is good, I m glad we did it.What else can I say???I don't like judging our demos.

05 - Is Impaled Nazarene your first experience on extreme music?

No shit,I have been in Schizor,Astaroth(not the finish death metal Astaroth,this was my first band in 1985 or 86),Pyrokinesis,Mutilation(which basically was pre : Impaled Nazarene) and Impaled Nazarene now.

06 - In fact for which reason have you chosen Impaled Nazarene as name?

Just got it from my mind and I thought it is good name,that's why.

07 - What evil message would you like to pass through Impaled Nazarene then?

I don't know if we have any message ...?I have never thought of it.It is hate,that's our message,HATE.Never turn your other cheek,no mercy.I am misanthrope,years  has teached me to be one.Now that I think I can say I live for HATE,it gives me kind of dark pleasure.HATE and PAIN are both very fascinating,aren't they???





08 - How would you qualify your kind of music in a few words?

It is fast black metal.

09 - In some words tell me your fave bands that you prefer as well as the right list of bands that influenced you?

I listen to from horror movies soudntracks(The Exorcist ect...)to stuff like Dimanda Galas or Dead Can Dance or Laibach.I am into Lamentation,Absu,Incarnis,Beherit,Varathron,Rotting Christ,Necromantia,Mortify, Lemegethon Necronastasis ect... 

10 - Until now how many gig have you done and with which bands?

We have played only 3 gigs so far.Of course I would like to play more but it seems we are not wanted live band...Anyway,we have played with Beherit,Amorphis,Demigod ect...

11 - I would be curious that you describle me the infernal atmosphere of a show of Impaled Nazarene?

We play covered in cows blood and we use satanic masks as well.I don't know how to describle it,I hate these kind of questions as the fuck I m to judge if we are good live band or not. 

12 - How do you define satanism?

Hard question!!!!For me satanism in freedom and HATE and reality.Satanism is reality.There will be the day you all will understand,oh yes, you will... 

13 - Well,when did you decide to follow the left hand path?

Oh well,I have been carrying inverted cross since I was 13 years but of course I wasn't aware of the power behind it/powers of abyss.It was about 3 years ago,when I got the satanic bible by La Vey,that look really opened my eyes into real,different world of satanism.By my opinion that satanism is in your blood and it will raise sooner or later,depends on what kind of person you are.



14 - I imagine you venerate enormously Anton La Vey so are there any point of his philosophy that you disagree with?

Yes,I don't like his love.hate situation thing.My opinion is that there's no love.Love is a dead emotion created by christian fools. Man has instint to kill,Man has need to feel the presence of him/her but that ain't fucking love.Sure you can like him/her very much but is that love that you marry her and fuck her every night??? Whey people are so blind?(Ron : certainly due to their naivety from christian eduction and fuckin" media thus they believe everything such a fairy tale,pathetic behaviour!!!)

15 - Do you have weird occult experience to relate us?

I have some,not very weird actually but well,weird might be the best word to describle it.I call it Succubus Mass Orgy where the Succubus jerked me off,never done anything like that i think I will never feel again that kind of orgasmnit was something I can remember till I die.

16 - What kind of Satanic/Occult books do you process for black magik rituals?

La Vey's the satanic bible(it is important book for me as it was the start),Slater's Pagan Rituals,Martello's Black Magic,Satanism,Voodoo to name a few.I have also Necronomicon both english and duriac versions but I find it like fairy tales.I have ordered more books already,some books like Crowley's are kinda hard to read because it is old english there,gets on your nerves.

17 - What's really your opinion about grave desecration?

Humm....It is up to ne if she.he wants to do it.I have done it by myself,it is very eerie situation to feed the dead with your own blood,I will never forget it.We crushed fucking over 30 old tomb-stones and fistfucked on he graves,we pissed on them and made little rituals.

18 - Well,what do you think of all these fuckin" christian posers who go down there...?

They all will meet their ends in nuclear war,that's the only thing to come and I fucking hope I am there to see it.It will be and of all slave religions, it will be end slave religions,it will be end of all.That's my biggest dream:nuclear war!!!(Ron : It coming in  future because human race this hate since the creation)




19 - A little humor touch now.Would you like to be here when the antichrist will come on earth? hehe!

Stupid question Man!(Ron : I kidding of course)

20 - Change of topic if you want. What is your point of view about finish scene?Bands,Fanzines ect...

Ther's not such a thing,only boring death metal bands who are wimps and posers with a few exception of course.Many finiish bands used to play speed metal not so long time ago but turned to play death metal because it is the trend now.And unfortunately we have already seen that these false bands have managed to get record deals and make albums.It's a pity really.And now,fuck it man,there are sudden outburst of black metal bands in southern Finland and the fact is that they are made by little kinds who doesn't have a bloody clue what they are talking about.I mean,how we can be taken seriously when there are so fucking much false people jumping the band wagon???As for fanzines,we have here in Finland a couple of great,Fallen Pages,Isten and Intestinal being the best ones.

21 -  Anyway do you have good relations with some finish bands?

To tell the truth,I hate heavily finish scene but of course there are exceptions.Sentenced and Demigod are the best death metal bands from Finland(Ron : You forgot Xysma,Interment,Convulse,Funebre,Phlegethon, Disgrace ect....)and fuck yes,they are fucking cool guys.Also Beherit,Black Crucifixion and Barathrum are my good friends...but basically I write with foreign guys there are more brutal people there.

22 - What are your project for the future after this devilish 7'?

Hopefully we can release our debut lp/cd this year,nothing more.It is fucking hard to get gigs for us,don't ask me why.



23 - Alright the ritual takes end,what's else to add?

In Nomine Dei Nistri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi...I raise my chalice of HATE to greet and thank you for this interview,thanks for the chance to tell my thoughts I forgot to say that I am looking for nuclear war,this planet is to die and sooner the better.Will it be on august 99 as Nostradamus visioned,who known?Who cares? The fact is that someday you all know about HATE!Fuck God and his bastard son...SO IT IS DONE-HAIL !!!!




                                        Interview : Kanz-Noz 



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