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In the sign of evil VOMITOR einzatzgruppen spreads terror on the earth.This ruling order does not wait long to inflame the conflagration of hate against tolerance and weakness of those fucking wimps who think they will receive a clemency. This obscure force began their affliction in contempt towards the end of the nineties, inspiring evil through a heinous vacuum and transmuting a poison of mortality alongside a black mass desecration. And from that comes an ovation in gratitude as well  from myself and many others. Despite all this, the VOMITOR kamp accelerated their musical process  further in aggression, repugnance,cynicism, and anarchism towards mankind which is the essence of the glorious years of the underground scene and such implies a right motivation in the making of their filth to fuck up the current system and to spit on the music industry like they would christian theism...The 7th gate opens up and these death dealers bring their conjuration of lust !!!


01 - Heilz !!! Fukkin' Rotten Smelly Goat !!!How is your bestial love with your voluptuous Irish Glam Woman ?Maybe we will hear someday VOMITOR do a bland cover of Cinderella's "Nobody's Fool" ,that saucy lovemaking song,with backing vocals by Rok of SADISTIK EXEKUTION...Do you think that would be fun to do ? (haha) obstructing

Life is fuckin great as usual , metal is blasting and the booze is flowing, Dublin is treating me well, but i dont think any glam covers will be coming from my tortured speakers hahaha.

02 - Though my intuition seems to tell me,knowing your perversity for prostitutes and also for depraved groupies, that there is lot of adrenaline flowing in your stronger soul... ...that now is not the time for some extreme masturbation session...But rather time to throw off the wagon and drag in the mud all of those dirty faggot "metalheads".Those "metalheads" without brains who never stand for or defend anything and hate you all...Those "metalheads" that are surely doomed to decay.........?

KILL POSERS is all i can say, we must defend the faith of metal til DEATHHHHH

03 - In my personal opinion, it would be an insult, like some gay lover's face, as to not start this declaration of war by going back to your early haunting's musically and your virgin years (haha) in GOSPEL OF THE HORNS and SPEAR OF LONGINUS before VOMITOR was born..

I had a real great time in those bands with great mates and plenty of parties, but they were not my soul as other people had influence in the song writing, Vomitor is my Black heart pouring tar on humanity

04 - This is a significant fact that your musical background evokes a nostalgia for myself and many others rooted in the punk and heavy metal influence of the 80's. Would you tell us more about the musical histories of VOMITOR ?

Its a fact that 80`s metal is the best metal, no-one can deny this, we all grew up in the 70`s and 80`s when this music was in its virgin process, and leaps of heaviness were growing with every release, they have left a huge inpact on us and i have no interest in playing any other styles, EVER.

05 - Aside from VOMITOR, Do you have other ambitions (projects, bands) working towards the true metal revival ?

This is the ONLY band for me for good, all energy goes to Vomitor, is some friends need a guitarist otr bass player for a tour i might consider going for the partying, bu ti have no intentions on focusing on writing for any other projects


DSC0190106 - Clearly, there is not a shadow of doubt that your band name inspires

morbid connotations by the acknowledgement of other well-known bands from the Thrash Metal   80's and coinciding with the irony that some of those bands take a second place next to you...Do you think these days that bands aim to lead the scene quite often for the sole purpose of trying to sell their merchandise ?

Thanx for the compliments man, i have no problems with bands trying to make a living out of their music, as long as they havnt compromised their soul and music to do it, im just too lazy to print and sell shirts etc hahaha, i m sure Vomitor could make good money if we cared for such things.

07 - Aside from the many bands that make a demo in order to impress record labels, you seem to keep the demo making process consistent. Is this a way of keeping VOMITOR authentic as a band ?

We records alot of rehersals all the time, if someone wants them to listen too and enjoys them, then i will send them copies, we are not rock stars we are just Metalheads., we use then to get used to the trax and change the songs if needed, plus i really lik the raw sound on those cassette recordings.

08 - The frenzy has amplified the release of the "Roar Of War" demo...A demo that ignites the world making it a mass grave...It is certain this outpouring of aggression has reminded me of some old dusty vinyls from my collection, keeping with dirty influences and the raw production.Was it a joke that the band took only an hour to record the demo ? I was skeptical of that...Were you all drunk at the time ? Was it a personal friend of yours that made such a raw and dirty mix ?

I think it was only 45 minutes to record hahaha, it was recorded live in our rehersal room, everything was miked up, the guy pressed record on his machines and we went for it, we rehearse hard to play easy, all of our Albums are done in the same way, only we do vocals and Guitar solos after, thats the only difference, and a studio of course haha., some people are surprised we sound the same live as on the records, this is why.

09 - I perceived no signs of slowing down with the release of the "Neutron Hammer" promo-tape. I would say that I was wonderfully horrified and absorbed by the heavy chainsaw guitars, the diabolical vocals with destructive intonations and the pounding drums that instill one with contempt....What escapes me is your changing of studios...Was it to get a better production this time ? I noticed that Devil's Metal Legion did not press it...What happened there ? What other bands have also recorded where you recorded the promo ?( the production on the promo rips guts, by the way...)

That promo was for the Neutron hammer EP we put out on invictus productions before the first album, yes it was in a very good studio, the only time we could get was midnight to 3am in the morning to record for a low price, so we did that in 3 hours, the only time we recorded all instruments seperately, it turned out really heavy, but not my vision of Vomitor, it has a very good sound though.

10 - It was not what I would have expected that you made yet another rehearsal in October of the same year and no labels seemed to show interest...Was that a troubled period in the life of the band ?I thought that the covers on the demo by SODOM, BLASPHEMY and METALLICA were excellent and full of rage.However I was surprised that there were no covers of any Death Metal bands. I say that because VOMITOR defines it's style as purely Death Metal. Personally I find your influences closer to Thrash Metal and South American Black/Thrash such as Possessed, Master with some old Death Metal touches...Would you agree ?

Death metal to me is SODOM, KREATOR, POSSESSED etc, we dont use it in the same way someone would think of Canible Corpse or suffocation style death metal, we play Death Metal in its pure form. We had quite a few labels interested at the time, just didnt sign to any of them, why i dont know haha, too drunk maybee or too lazy.

11 - Despite all this, 2002 must have been a bouncy year judging from the silence between 2000 and 2002 and the single that came out on Darragh's label in Ireland. I was disappointed that no other tracks from the "Neutron" demo were included. Who made that decision ?  Was it the band's decision or was it Darragh's ?Do you think the fans would have expected you to record a new track instead ?

It was always intended to be a 7 inch EP only, it was supposed to be released by a dutch label in 2001, but that didnt realise, i met Darragh at waken open air in 2001 and he said he wanted to release it, so thats how it happened, it was sealed with a handshake in a field with 65 thousand metalheads hahaha.



12 - Like a nuclear bomb exterminating without mercy, terrorizing the Xtian cohorts towards the coming of The Anti-Christ and hindering the divine light by obscuring them with infernal gases...This was my visionary impression of your release"Bleeding The Priest"...As my penance for the repugnant reign of baptism, I re-declared my allegiances   the proof existingin this brilliant vinyl black bible ! Does this album serve as a warning against the Christian institution and their stifling and pretty hypocritical "morality" ?

It is a warning to all no believers on planet stench, metal will be hunting their poser souls til DEATH.

How has this release been received in the underground scene?

From the real underground it was taken very well indeed back then, of course the mainstream media want nothing to do with this style of music, even the less extreme metal mags wont touch our stuff, now it seems to be some kind of cult following of this record, i love it an still listen to it all the time.

Why is there only one lyrical focus on the album ?

Do you mean lyrics ???, the original pressing of the CD had hardly any lyrics or information, as i was still not even wanting to put out the album on CD back then haha, the original LP versin had 5 songs lyrics, the re-release of Bleeding the priest has 7 song lyrics and the cd has alot of old flyers and stuff from back then too.

The first vinyl version is already sold out...limited 500 copies. How long did it take to sell out ?

The first pressing was 1000 copies , it sold out pretty quick, then became really expensive on ebay, so finally we had it officially re-released through dietodesrune records, there was another 1000 vynils from them, half are gatefold covers and have more info and lyrics than the original ones on the inner sleeve.

Another non-official version has been released in 2006 with the "Roar Of War" included as a bonus and with a different cover than the first edition. Did you give your consent for that non-official release ?

Our Drummer Griffiths was in contact with them and mentioned to us about a re-release, appart from that i had nothing to do with it, at least it kept the album out there for freaks to get their hands on.

The cover was drawn by yourself...I am interested in knowing where you had channeled your inspiration ?Any particular books, visions or perhaps other painters ?

All Vomitor artwork is done by me, the cover for Bleeding the Priest is a photo of a real skull that me and a friend took, originally i was going to have it in full colour, but it looked much better in black and white, im very happy with the cover, it is a vision i had in my head for a long time, as with the new album too.

13 - Within the maze of obscure lyrical content, there is a primary topic I would want to talk with the band in detail about: NUCLEAR WAR...a consistent threat now recently looming over our heads with recent events in Japan...How do you personally see situations unfolding in the near future ? Especially with countries such as Iran and N. Korea ?Do such recent events put you more or less in favor of the use of nuclear arms and energy when these other countries are making advancements in nuclear strength and casting it as a warning to The West ?

If the nuclear winter strikes humanity down, we will be ready to survive in the burning rubble, and pray for the day the we can hunt and kill to survive, without the organised society to deal with,nuclear energy all the way, we can get to the stars with it, or we can burn in it.

14 - Under the first line-up, I noticed that after the "Bleeding The Priest" album, B.C. a.k.a. Brad from the cult Corpse Molestation was replaced by Hellcunt of Gospel Of The Horns.  Can you explain as to why he left ?

We all have a thirst for boozing, but BC was a full real everyday alcoholic at that stage, even on the day of recording the LP he turned up late and drunk haha, we all drink during recording but are not smashed Before we even get to the studio haha usually cant remember leaving the studio though, it seems funny now, but on the day and at the time we couldnt work with this, it was a hard dicision to let him go because he is a fuckin killer drummer and a great friend for a loooong time, but the music comes first, we had a big break in the action until Hellcunt told me he was moving to our state, i knew him from the bestial warlust days in melbourne, so i quickly grabbed him for Vomitor, a good day indeed, megga drummer/partyer and mate.

15 - It goes without saying, that your glorification for metal does not date from yesterday...Nevertheless, I would like to see what order you would put the following bands in terms of personal taste:

HOOB'S ANGEL OF DEATH Great aussie innovators
SLAUGHTER LORD the Heaviest of all time
BESTIAL WARLUST Heavy as hell, and more great times and good memories
ABYSSIC HATE not for me
ACHERON Aussie demo at its best, i loved this band before they changed their style.
DISEMBOWLEMENT heavy as hell
SANCTUM of my radar
ENTASIS off the radar
CRUCIFORM off the radar
ATOMIZER too clean
CREMATOR off the radar

16 - VOMITOR resurfaced in 2004 after a two year absence with a new label contract from South America for the split-single "Outbreak Of Evil" Once again, the track included is not new...During this period of inactivity, has the band had time to write new material ? Does VOMITOR have new material to be release later ?

This was also arranged by our old drummer, i just said yeah do it, the song had been laying around doing nothing for some time, soi t was good to get it out there, its very dirty sound.

17 - It is a given that all have their personal lives and it is undeniable that everything can remain stable or consistent with a band and their individual careers...I make a reference here to all the time gaps that have occurred with many bands...So no need for any such "Cry For The Underground" compilation to be released...haha...But with that point made, is there a lack of creative unity keeping the band behind ?Is it the case that the band may be close to a breakup ? I would want to get that answer straight from the source and do not put much stock in fanzines...( except maybe The Snalepit fanzine...)

We are lazy bastards most of the time, we seem to get bursts of creativity, and well work on iot, i dont sit down and try to write songs, they come along in my head they i do something about it, not before haha, i have around 50 tapes full of riffs so definately no lack of stuff to use, just lack of will to go through them al hahahaha


Death Kamp 02

18 - Dementia for the dirty feeble minded will be wrought by the evil spell that is "The Devil's Poison"...This release executes a ferocious thirst for revenge, awakening the spirits within that have been lobotomized by The System until our last breath...Above all I experienced it's musical outburst...causing me again to reference the sounds from an older metal era that galvanized the metal masses...A SMACKING COMEBACK BY VOMITOR !!!Apart from this, I rejoiced when reading the vinyl...the unbridled terror of the scathing lyrics, concealing domination,madness, murder, extermination, perversion, sacrifice and magickal ritual...I am convinced that such a development of energy flows from the bands dark thoughts and dark visions from writers such as CROWLEY, LA VEY, MATHERS CHAMBERLAIN, to mention only the well known...Do you have any processes, exercises or practices by which you become aware of subconscious communications for the purpose of making music or any other activities ?Do you believe in the idea of Karma and is there anything about that which fascinates you ?How would define INDIVIDUALITY ?

I had this record on my mind for 8 years since we first anounced the album title in 2002, the time finally became right to release it last year, we made only 1 change to the song line-up for this album from the original idea, i didnt want the album to be any different from if it had been released in 2002 or 2003, thats why old songs are on it, they speak of the hatred for mankind and praise of war and death in my brain, i only listen to my own philosophy, i have no interest in some other humans ideas or publishings, just mine

19 - Many philosophers as for instance NIETZCHE saw dementia in an individual as something that is rare in groups or parties...I conclude that nowadays extreme right parties are gaining more ground especially in Slavic countries due the     immigration,unemployment, poverty, globalization etc. which effects the working class with full force...I see that you inflame the SS helmet in your band photos...From this I infer that you cease to see Democracy as having a useful place these days...(?)We have numerous political parties ready to take over the world as we speak...as you know...Communism bull shit in Asia...Capitalism downfall in Europe absorbing most of the population...Do you think that the world being under a totalitarian regime would be better or would we have all our heads in the gutter ?

I cant stand politics of any kind, other peoples opinions mean nothing to me at all , the helmets are for heavyness and horror, pray for WAR.

20 - The year 2010 has had it's good amount of concerts...enough to open wide the gates to hell...I noticed some tour dates for Germany, Finland, and Ireland...I am not surprised to see no dates for France...France seems to be filling up with a fauna of fucking wimps and posers...How did this tour come about ?  Had you some good memories on tour ? Had you some lessons to learn ?What countries would you say have spit in your face ? (if any)

All of the 2010 Vomitour was killer, evrything and every metal head we met along the way was an enlightenment to our faith of METAL, we simply got no offers for France ???, otherwise we would go there to raise some hellllll.

21 - HOLD ON! Somebody just rang my doorbell...By looking through the keyhole I can see a nice red-head in bondage gear...She wants to have a bondage session seance...She is wearing a Cinderella tee-shirt with a sexy mini-dress...Do you know her ? hahaThis is the end of our interview...I have to go !I have a weakness for redheads..And for the first two releases of CINDERELLA...

HMMMM, the same just happened to me !, thanx for the interview Brother, may your bondage fetishes be fulfilled by Nuns, Hail Satan (Ron : I would to borrow the horny nun from the band Witchery...She is more satisfying to my perverted tastes.This one will suffice.Do you think,they will agree to that? hahaha)

Death Kamp 01



                                                              Interview : Kan-Noz



                                   Thanks To Kevin From Perversifier For The Deal















































































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