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21 - When i read the reviews of the album,one name always comes : Incantation.it bothers you?Do you think it is only due to the presence of Craig? 


Extremely boring question,Its expected since two of us were in Incantation.Obviously we are going to be compared to them.We have certain similarities,like Craig on vocals but I think what we offer is much much different.Its a lazy comparison if you ask me. To be honest I'd rather be compared to them than some weak poser shit but by now the mention of them in interviews is completely mind-numbingly boring…Craig and Shawn are really tired hearing about it..haha..


22 - I must admit (and i'm not the only one) that the artwork of "Towards..."is absolutely fantastic. That changes from the shitty covers botch up in 5 minutes with Photoshop.It is  really representative of your music,a true visual extension of it.It's dark,sticky and gloomy.Ola Larsson has done a phenomenal job.Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted  and did you work together with Ola?Have you sent him the lyrics and a few pieces of music so that it can soak up your universe?


Daryl and I worked closely with Ola at first and gave him some concepts and sketches as we knew the artwork would be a triptych(over 3 panels) for the CD/ LP sleeves.We had a vision of a procession of some kind marching or walking into a large structure (The Megalith).We would exchange ideas back and forth and address changes we wanted.Ola is a very easy guy to work with and we knew the final product would be great.We didn't expect the cover to come out as good as it did.We plan to go bigger and more expansive on the next releases,with Ola involved of course.


23 - We know that Bill is also a good illustrator.He designed your logo and it is also to him that we owe the cult logo of Incantation.Could we see one day an album cover of Disma signed Bill venner? 


Thank you for the compliments.No,I do not think I will do an album cover.Ola Larsson is the man for that job.I might do some artwork for a t-shirt design or a patch.Time will tell.  


24 - The covers of your first 3 releases were all in black and white.For the album,the colors have appeared.Is it just chance or is it the group that imposed a green hue?Should we see a special meaning?in fact in some cultures this color is associated with the desire,illness,death.... 


This is an excellent question and an original one(finally!...lol) you neanderthal. 


The demo and 7"s were always meant to be black and white as we felt that was a good color choice for our early stuff.Once we seen what Ola Larsson was capable of we decided to do the album in full color.We never told him a color that he needed to use. The green was all his idea.Once he showed us a near complete version with the green color added and we loved it.It made sense as there is a lot foliage in the artwork.This green represents sickness floating in the pestilential wastes of doom.......


Desolation landscape


25 - On each of your releases, you have always managed to get a unity and coherence between music/lyrics and artwork.Do you approach an album as a true "all" or do you think that the three may be completely different?a pink record sleeve, romantic lyrics and brutal music...ah ah 


The overall presentation is very important to us.All the elements (artwork, lyrics, music) should be strong on their own and supportive of what the album is trying to communicate.
It shows a sense of focus in the final product.There is always the exception with misleading covers and bothers me when I see a sick band not put as much effort into their artwork or packaging... 


26 - As I was pointing out earlier,you have a horrific and nightmarish vision of the end of the world and this in a very "cinematic" way.I mean by this that the listener can fully project into your world.Have you ever think to shoot a video for one of your songs ? 


Yes,we are definitely looking into making a video for the next album which will incorporate our new artwork in three dimensions.  We don't have any details to give yet as this is a very early concept…  


27 - As for your lyrics,they match your music and artwork.When he reads them,the listener can only dive into a dark and morbid world,darkening his soul and mind.What are your sources of inspiration for your lyrics?Does Disma derive other influences from non-metal sources (cinema,literature,occultism,nature, drugs....)?


Yes,cinema,literature,dreams,the supernatural,as well as our own sick thoughts. 


28 - Is there a link between all the lyrics on the album or only some of them,maybe a main thread or each text can be understood in an individual way?


Yes there is but it is up to the listener to find them.  


29 - Through your texts emanates an atmosphere of despair and end of the world.Indeed,your lyrics are not gore-oriented themes like many death metal bands,you don’t talk about religion or satan etc… Do you find it ridiculous and “cliché”?  


The "Satan" thing is definitely played out.I'm even seeing old thrash bands using the Pentacle or Pentagram in their artwork just to sell records.We prefer to explore our own mythos within the texts… 


Les Sept Planètes Et Leur Genies...(P)


30 - Your lyrics seem written as poems,is it a coincidence?  


Daryl is a poet,didn't ya know it!


31 - You seem fond of ancient mythologies and especially greek mythology.Indeed,we can find scattered here and there references to it (Charon, Eridanus, Oceanus, Archrusian).Are you passionate about history and other mythologies (Celtic,Germanic,Nordic etc ...)? 


Yes we are interested in these subjects and collect books on them. 


32 - Are you amateurs of astronomy and cosmology?I ask you this because you are referring to "Eridan" which is a constellation that has the distinction of being the largest "void" known in the universe.Is it him that you are referring when you speak about "deepest chasm of thoughts"?

Yes,the darkest void of space and time.The universes within our minds and bodies reflect much greater systems beyond the limited human experience. 


33 – Are you also interested in the esotericism?can we see in the "Membros" only insiders ?  


Adepts of the esoteric volumes.Membros is a figure found long ago in places where time forgot. 



34 - What do you think about this sentence of Orpheus: "I'll sing for insiders.Put doors before your ears, profanes" (Deverni’s papyrus,end of sixth BC).Disma tackles very personal issues and unknown to the majority of listeners ("profanes") that full understanding of your texts can be made only by a few,the "insiders".What’s your opinion ? 


Great story.We like to keep things interesting and obscure. Listeners can find meanings relative to their own thoughts. 


35 - Are you followers of the arcane(secrecy)and initiation (seek spiritual development for self and others)? 


We cannot devulge that info..........Palas Aron Azinomas! 




36 - Do you think that esoterism can lead to a form of obscurantism,opposed to the dissemination of scientific knowledge,education,culture and progress?


Information is available to those that seek it today.The idea of hidden knowledge/Gnosticism is appealing.Knowledge is power and not everyone has it.Left in the dark to navigate without eyes to see and ears to hear.We are obscurantist in the way we prefer the underground when it was still relatively small.We aim to create music that evokes that era and feeling for us.In the 80’s and  90’s you needed to work hard to discover this music and that is what made it special and appealing when we were young.DIE HARD!!!


37 - In "Towards the megaliths" song you say: “The refuge has Become a tomb,a colony without hope“.Do you think that because of the power of self-destruction of man,that the earth will become his tomb and therefore humanity has no hope.Do you trust in man and in our "modern" society to destroy our current world before a meteorite falls on us?


One can only hope!!!.Mankind is it’s own worst enemy.The last vestige of humanity barely surviving in a desert wreckage of civilization.


38 - With an album title like "Towards the Megalith" I can’t help wondering if you are also interested in the European megalithism?here in Britain there are amounts of sites,enthroned dolmens,menhirs,cairns...has Stonehenge  inspired you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Yes we are hence the title.Ancient burial rites and sacred places interest us and find their way into our lyrics.I am aware of these places and have discussed them with Ronan years ago.Stonehenge is a great site of early man…A ceremonial center for the cult of the dead.We need a miniature replica of Stonehenge on stage with us.Stonehenge!!!Our riffs will topple the ancient stones!!!


39 - I guess a lot of labels have approached the group.Did you feel an interest from them and were you tempted by the adventure of “big labels”(ex: Earache,Nuclear Blast and Century Media),the old school is in fashion at the moment.


We have interest from labels all the time but are happy where we are at the moment on Profound Lore Records.


Olympus - Greek-Mythology


40 - Profound Lore has apparently done a good job of promotion and distribution,your album is available everywhere.Are you fully satisfied and are you going to release another album with them?


Yes Chris has done a great job.Our next album will be through them.We have a 2 record deal with Profound Lore.


41 - Record companies often complain of lower sales,downloading etc ...However,for some time,we are witnessing the revival of vinyl.Every major label reissues his back catalog.Many uninteresting groups see their demos,ep reissued on vinyl.Prices become amazing whatsoever for new vinyl or second-hand on Ebay or distros.A speculative bubble has formed.Who is to blame?Record companies that artificially create a need or the fans who buy everything and anything at any price?


Record companies are doing what they can to survive in today’s market.Without fans we are nothing.We support the resurgence of vinyl.Several underground labels released a few "old school" discographies years ago which created a marketable template, which trends can copy and capitalize on...Some of it is cool but we agree that most of it isn't worth the wax...They are scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point.


42 - We often hear back in the mouth of some that "it was better before." With your experience, would you say that it's just different and there are always been good and bad sides?What would make you regret the 80’s / 90’s?


I'm starting to miss the old days more and more as I think about it.I guess the only thing I don't miss is the horrible sound systems that the old venues had.Its all just a drunken blurrr....We are older now but still enjoy the music,playing live,meeting people around the world and making records.We partied hard in the 80's and 90's and regret nothing.


43 - At the time of internet,myspace,facebook,twitter,where information is accessible to everyone and available in a single mouse click,do you think the word “underground” still has a real meaning ?What is the meaning of “underground metal” to you and the band?


With the internet,nothing is a secret anymore but the underground still exists with people like yourselves around the world supporting True Metal.


44 - Today,many young fans fall into the pot of death metal by listening to your groups and albums.When you started listening to metal in the '80s,what were the groups behind this passion?What was the musical journey of each?


For me I've always loved early Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden. Those 2 bands really started it for me.Their music and imagery really captivated me and I knew this would be a lifelong journey. I was fortunate to live in an area where metal music was easy to find.We had some great local music stores like MICKEY MUSIC in NJ and BLEEKER BOB'S in NYC that carried all the imports.Also,we had many venues in the area that had shows that supported undergound music.Crazy Rhythms in Montclair,NJ was a great place to buy 7" eps and LPs in the 80’s.A town filled with punks,metal heads...It was a great time to grow up and discover music


45 - You have grown older,you work to feed your families,your hair had shortened (for some).What do you think of Mighty Music records's maxim:“We'll still be metal when you have short hair,an ugly life,and work 9 to 5”.


Wings fantasy - Greek mythology 03


When I was a young kid first getting into metal I had short hair.Now im just returing to my roots!Metal is the way forever.I am bound to it's chains for eternity.No one can ever take that away.Unless you are a poser!


46 - Do you find some time to do gigs or tour?Is it easy for you to reunite and rehearse regularly?


Our personal schedules do not really allow us to go away on long tours unfortunately.Our gigs are usually weekend get aways but we plan to tour the new album in Europe and possibly Japan.Daryl and I live the closest to each other,so we get together almost every week to handle Disma stuff.We usually get together as a band about 3 to 4 times a month.


47 - What can we except from a Disma show?Did you think about incorporating a graveyard type scenery on stage?I think it would have a strong visual impact on the attending fans! What do you think about it?


That would definitely be cool.Unfortunatly,we do not have the ability to haul around a graveyard in my car trunk..hah hah  Maybe a rubber corpse and some big stage banners.We are incorporating more visual elements into our live shows..Timpani drums,assorted strange birds and a witch.


48 - Can we expect something before the end of the year or should we wait until 2014 to traumatize our ears again?


Most likely the new album will be done by early 2015.Usually an unseen force always delays but we are diligent.




49 - Before ending this interview,I'd like to know your opinion on Ronan "Kanz Noz" and Psychopathological zine.Ronan is totally dedicated to the worship of Metal,a real passionate one meets very little nowadays with a huge metal culture,a true living memory.What do you think of his work on Psycho and do you think someone like Ronan is endangered species?


Psychopathological Zine is great.We got the pleasure of meeting Ronan at our Rennes,France show last November.What a great guy totally to dedicated to Metal.He finally got to meet his old penpal Daryl.His first remarks were: "Oh hello Daryl, we finally meet after all these years.Wow I didn't know you were so handsome in person".A bit strange but ok haha…. We appreciate Kanz-Noz and our friend's support of Disma in Brittany and look forward to coming back to ROAZHON for a more extensive tour of the area.KEEP THE FLAME OF TRUE UNDERGROUND METAL BURNING!!!


50 - Ok,this interview comes to an end,thank you for taking the time to respond!Have you anything to add or comment that we have forgotten concerning Disma?I leave you the last word.


Thank you for the great interview.We cant wait to see a printed version!Thanks for all the support.Please visit our site for merchandise and band info: WWW.DISMABAND.COM We also have a Facebook page which you can add us for additional info.



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