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The Mighty Swedish Doom and Heavy Doom Metal scene is a true caress

from the stars. Guided by the power of  their huge knowledge, some of

these pioneers like Mercy, Nemesis, Candlemass, Sorcerer, Count Raven,

Memento Mori, Katatonia, Tristitia....illuminate us with moonlight reflections

from the overlying mantle of snowy mountains, taking us to a melancholic  

trip, to resurface the tears of pain.Something like this was how I felt while

listening to this genius called TIAMAT for the first time! After having tasted

the blackest darkness and  images of their darkest ART, they entered into

the Nordic Elite for me… I succumbed from the first riff, Immediately

after the moment that I put for the first time on my turntable their ' A

Winter Shadow ' 7 inch . It  was a wonderful and full of pleasure experience

(cause to be honest) I would have never imagined that they would  have

turned into this musical direction ! If I take a look  under some retrospective

devilish eye’, the early releases (under TREBLINKA name) as well as their

first full-length jewel ' Sumerian Cry’… this comparison for me was

un-avoidable...so…Without any hesitation I purchased their album

' The Astral Sleep ' which was the follow-up to their previous torrent

of anger, and was still keeping some Black Metal veins of this past.

Then was that odious melancholy more intense than ever, a falling into

absolute ectasy,reffering to the beauty of ' Clouds ' masterpiece. It would

be such a superficiality to ignore for instance ' Forever Burning Flame ' song  

which provides such intrepid emotions. Therefore, since then it seemed so

obvious that one day they would have done a European Tour… Thus  the

organizer (aka Jambon Beurre from cultest Piranha Decibels Association)

contacted me whether if i would be interested in having a bus trip and meet

my friend from Raging Metal radio, who had fed up with the pityful behaviour

of some dickheads and their fake/shitty punk attitude....With perseverance,

I agreed while certainly was remaining suspicious to him....Well I can tell that

everything went well as I expected, which I can consider a real sucess in the

end, for some 50 crazy motherfuckers and some nice fuckin 'chicks in fury.

Anyway, I will always keep  fresh in my memory this fuckin' stupidslut,which

in the end I am afraid that she ‘ll become unforgettable.David and Franck from

the lengendary Mystifier Zine (R.I.P)which interviewed  silently Johnny and

Johan under a positive atmosphere.




David : To start with, could you give us a short biography of your band please?


Johnny : TIAMAT started in 1988 and released two demos. Then we made   

an album entitled 'Sumerian Cry ' on a english label....


David : This label is Metalcore, right?


Johnny : Yes! So, we went out for a single and after that , we did some other

demos because  the label had failed. We tried to get a new contract and we

found one label, Century Media from Germany. At first we recorded two tracks

for a compilation.


David : The cult compilation ' In The Eyes Of Death ' you mean?


Johnny : Yes that's right! And after that we recorded  ' The Astral Sleep '

during summer '91. Euh, you want only everything concerning the CD dates

or also all details on what’s happened inbetween them?



David : No, that's ok! In the beginning your band was called TREBLINKA.

It seems to me that it was a Black Metal band.



Johan : Yes if you want....It depends what u mean by using the term ‘Black



David : So, what does Black Metal music represent through your eyes then?


Johan : Well, for instance, SAMAEL are playing Black Metal and if there is

someone that really does, they are, not us, so..as you see… There is a big

difference between the two bands. But if people see us as ' Blackmetalheads ',

I don't care.Each one can think what he wants!!!


David : Yet, there is always an inverted cross in your logo...


Johan : Yes!even two! haha!


David : So,is it always that you are interested in satanism?


Johan : It depends what you mean by saying ‘satanism’. If you mean of

pure demon-worship , venerate the devil with horns and long tail and all

that, so we aren't satanists. For me, inverted cross is something more

personal,its a symbol,this one of independance.



Franck : I would like to get your opinion about the evolution from Quorthon’s

concept of great BATHORY. He began with a satanistic concept and now he

derived toward nordic mythology. What do you think, is it a failure or a

good follow-up?


Johan : Well....I don’t know him. I really cannot tell for him but I think he is

certainly respected. It was more honest for him to write about nordic

religion,provided that he has  swedish origin.


Johnny : It’s difficult for us to talk about what he did....


Johan : Yes,exactly!


Johnny : We know nothing about him.


Johan : But I guess,you see, he comes from Sweden and he wanted to go

back in Swedish history and write about the above mentioned.


Franck : But don’t you think that some bands are confused between ancient

mythology and satanism? Because if we are satanists, it means that we

trust in god. But if we prefer the ancient gods, we cannot trust in god....


Johan :Yes, I get what  you mean l but it depends of satanism’s conception.

If you use only inverted cross as symbol against the christianism, it will go

with the nordic mythology because this mythology have been killed by

christianism. So...I don'tknow, we do not write about some vikings and

things of that kind. It is difficult for us to talk....



Johnny :...And other bands and what they do.


Johan : I think that swedish bands need to write about their origins and what

happened ago in Sweden since centuries.



David : How did you find the concert tonight?


Johan : Pretty GOOD!!! but I think that we should have played more longer.


David : Yes I think so too.


Johnny : This concert was the BEST!!! We played at Paris, Lyon, but this

concert was the best among the three. And it’s maybe one amongst my

fave three concerts that we have done during the complete tour.


David : I noticed that the audience liked very much TIAMAT!


Johnny : YEAH!!!it was amazing for first one prestation in France.


David : Is it the first time that you came in France?


Johnny : Yes,its our first tour in France.


Franck : What you mean the band name?


Johan : TIAMAT was a goddess from Sumerian mythology and what is

interesting is that the religion that she is represented, is elder than any

other in the world. The people that built this religion, were the first people

that also built something real, and created society, you see, and they did it

there 5000 years ago. They will be always considered to have put a lot of

influence yet to be found on our current life style. And TIAMAT was the 

god - or the goddess, the more malefic to call her for that the era. It was

the first devil personified.


Frank : In a current Hard Rock magazine issue...


Johan : ' Haddock' ???


Franck : Hard Rock Magazine!In a current Hard Rock Magazine so, David

Vincent of MORBID ANGEL to tell that satan do not exist, its just a symbol.

Are you agree with him? or do you think satan exists as an entity, as reality

or is it just a symbol?


Johan : I think that satan is just another name for the demon which exists

in all of us in an obscure part of our mind.



David : What are your fave bands?


Johan : From Sweden?Hum...pfff...


Johnny : Roxette!! haha!


Johan : I think that the fave swedish death metal band is UNLEASHED.

I don’t say this  because we are on tour with them, no ! I frankly believe!

I also like very much ENTOMBED.


David : What do you think of their new musical orientation?I like very much,

I think that it’s really good!!!


David : Any other questions Frank?


Franck : Eug pfff...A last word for our readers?


Johnny / Johan : Hum....Pfff....!


David : Thanks for the interview!!!!


Johan ! haha!Thanks a lot and I hope that the people buy our new album

to early next year.



David : And another question : are you still a part of underground? Are you

asked still to reply on letters from Fanzines ect..?


Johan : YES! when we have the time to do it. We try to reply to all letters

but we are very often on tour...But we try to reply to all the letters.


Johnny : That we…something like gettting twenty letters/a week.. and

after we get still the double. But we ask on all our letters to keep continuing

sending this....you know...the I.R.C.


David : Internation reply coupon u mean?


Johnny : Yeah! that's this, well!!!


Johan : Otherwise we should be ruined.


David : Why you didn't play any songs from first album?


Johan : Tonight we haven't been able to play more than five tracks!

If we could play one hour, surely we would have played a song, at least

from the first album. But we were allowed to choose five songs, and I am

confident that it was better to choose these specific five songs.


David : And what songs from first abum would you choose?


Johan / Johnny : ' Necrophagios Shadows '



David : There is a very strange song in the first album,his title is ' Evilized '.

It’s a song…very obscure… and then… Paf! a blues passage (with piano)

coming suddenly! What does it mean?


Johan : Yeah!It was only for that period, that we were still trying to qualify

as a Black Metal band but we wanted also to show to people that we take of

distance, anything that we did. We were not of ‘true’ satanists, killing some

animals on stage and do things like that. We wanted to show to people we

were ....humans.


Franck : Is it difficult to earn money enough to ‘survive’ depending only on



Johan / Johnny : YEAH!


Frank : So, we have a job?


Johnny : NO! haha!


David : So you are poor persons then? hehe!


Johnny : Yes we are poor persons HAHA!



David : Do you know the swedish band LEUKEMIA?


Johnny : Yeah!


David : You like well their last album?


Johnny : Well i have only their demo.


David : The last one, it is like a joke. It’s a sort of Thrash Metal with Opera
voices. Very surprising!


Johnny : Somehow, I am not really interested in this kind of music.


David : By Thrash Metal music u mean?


Johnny : No,not so much. I like well the Thrash Metal as FORBIDDEN,you

see,not as LEUKEMIA or all these things that happen to us today because

I think that the best of Thrash has been already done, you see.


David : Euh u stop there?


Franck : Yeah!OK!


   Interview Done By David & Franck Appeared For Mystifier Zine(R.I.P) Issue II.   


                                Thanks So Much Bloodbrothers.U rule!!!


                                Preface Have Been Modified By Kanz-Noz.


                                       Live/Pictures Taken By Kanz-Noz.


































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