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invocation of darkest spirits

Heretical SAMAEL…A Luciferian Circle revealed the aspect of nature
transmuting the immortal lines remaining for the man…a riddle and a
mystery to divination of their beauty…In this interview,you may notice that
Vorphalack hesitates to reply to some questions about Satanism…Did they
affect a topic too personal for him?Escaped of the void,indeed it seems that
him and his brother Xystras are into luciferian beliefs since childhood…
Maybe they require to have a true worshippers in front of them to talk about
this hot topic. (?)Anyways, at the end of the interview,after having switched
off the dictaphone,Vorphalack talked in a way,more relaxed,and intimate and
the discussion became more informative…So it must have been something
personal and on that there is nothing that I will disclose from that magical
night into mythical Roche Sur Yon Sanctuary.

Samael - Fallen pages

David - I would love to have heard more songs from the first album.
There was one that you did not have time to play, right?

V : Well it is precisely the fact that we had the only a half-hour, and
and then we started tour dates in the idea of being able to play our new
songs…This is why we had no choice

David : These new tracks are extracted from the forthcoming album or from

V : Well tonight we play a new track to be released on our next album ' After
The Sepulture' that appears on the 7'ep.

Franck : And when will you release the next album?

V : I don't know,we talked today.If it goes well we will record in late January,
early February,and maybe, if all goes well, it will be released in March.

David : Are you satisfied to have left Osmose Productions to go on Century
Media? Was this change was somehow accidental?

V : No,it wasn't accidental.It's a choice we made at the outset about
Osmose...what happened is that they had recorded the album for
another American label Wild Rags.I think that you already heard that,

David : 'One Break'

V : Wild Rags!

David : Ah Wild Rags…You mean it was for this label that you recorded it?

V : Yeah,and then it turned out that this guy could noy pay,us…So we refused
to send him anything….Then we stayed for one year with our recording under
Herve and Osmose Productions…We proposed this was a risk or us because
he had done nothing for us before but at the same time we were in agreement
for our expenses to be paid regarding this,and it worked out right. But after
this,there was no plan to record a sequel…

David : There was no sequel?

V : NO! There was no sequel…We were paid on the first copies we
sold…and now it has been some time that we have heard any news…

Franck : And in terms of sound,the next album will it approach the
likes of ' Blood Ritual ' or your first one? Because it seems that there
is a evolution between the two…

V : I don't know...I think it will be a bit between the two..The fact that
we now use synths will give more atmosphere to the set.

Franck : More synth you mean?

V : Yeah but we are not going to add it on all the songs…no need to
play continuously.

David : And what about a second guitarist?

V : No…We had considered the idea of a second guitarist but later
agreed that we should not…And we feel we made the right decision…


Franck : But by adding keyboards,do you consider yourself always
as Black Metal or are you steering towards the doom genre?

V : As for me, I have not regarded us as any particular thing…
What we do is a part of what has influenced us up to this time…
And we do what comes naturally.

Franck : In fact it is the media that describes you as Black Metal
but you have not seen the bands style in this way ?

V : From the moment initially we were influenced from this scene…
bands like VENOM,BATHORY.that we have catalogued in there..but
we don't try to contain ourselves in a ghetto to continue to play the
same thing…These are things we have already have taken inspiration
from but will do no longer

Franck : Concerning your lyrics …are they something that you keep
close and from the heart?

V : Which is also closed in my heart…

Franck : We can consider that you really believe in what you sing?

V : Obviously!!!

Franck : David Vincent From MORBID ANGEL in a recent Hard Rock
Magazine issue said that Satan didn't really exist…It was simply the
symbol of what each of us had within ourselves…things like hatred,

jealousy,desire etc....Do you consider it as a separate entity or it is

that this is something that represents man…that they have deep

inside themselves?

V : As for myself, when using the word Satan, it is synonymous with the
word “freedom”.That is the best way to describe how I see this…

David : Then for you Satanism is the light and without obscurity?

V : ....It's the same...

David : It's the same?

V : It's the same.

David : That is to say what ? Can you tell us more?

V : I don't know how to explain it…



Franck : Generally…Satanism is placed in a parallel with occultism,but
occultism,by definition it's something to hide that one does not speak of...
So why write lyrics for the public as it would rather be something secret?

V : For us there are several steps in what we do...There is a process
of destroying what has been long ago.that is still today..So simplified....
You could say something blasphemous,..and then there's something to
say that comes from within us,something more personal, that does not
look at what has been done long ago....

Franck : Nothing then to see like animals sacrifices with Glen Benton

V : For me,I assume,that one needs to consider things for themselves…
That is to say that Satanism is a religion…It is each to his own,and you
cannot have a stereotype,model,diagram to follow,if you have that then it
is false…This is wrong as far as I am concerned.

Franck : What do you think of the evolution of Quorthon from BATHORY,
which originally was based on concepts rather satanic and which now draws
on Norse mythology and paganism? Do you think it is a break of continuity,
or a logical continuity?

V : With these bands at the beginning,I dont think the way they needed to
express themselves was really satanic.It was just the right niche,I mean,it
went well with their music,and then it happened just like that.I don't think
these people stood behind what they claimed.And if I had to defend the
current Black Metal movement,I would say that the difference comes from
the people that truly stand behind what they do. They just don’t try to find
something that sticks with the music and that is all…


la roche .. v

Franck : Your were interested in this sort of thing before music, or did it
come after?

V : This is an awareness, of something that is done,..I don’t know how old
this “something” is or where it comes from…

David : Are you aware of what is happening in Norway currently?

V : Obviously!!!

David : What do you think?

V : Everyone asks me the same question…I can’t think of anything to say
here...I don't want to judge people who do what they do,because for me,as
I told you,Satanism it's something personal so if they believe they have
found the solution by acting like that then,it's not for me to judge them…
If they think it's good,it's good for them…fine.

David : But they have murders there !

V : Yeah, they have had murders there !

David : We now pass to something else Franck?

Franck : Yes David!D id you play in a other band before to join SAMAEL?

V : Nothing serious,no,I had a project at the beginnning, and nothing came
of it.SAMAEL is the first band that made me want to do something.


la roche ..M (01)

  Franck : And are you agreed simultaneously or is it that you first started all

V : In fact, I started with a first drummer,who then left and plays now in
MISERY,if you know MISERY maybe?And then my brother joined us,
finally then there were two.We did some concerts with only two members
in the band.And then after the recording of the first album ' Worship Him ',
Masmiseim joined us…We stayed as a trio and now we are four…I think
this is a final line-up...I hope.

David : What do you think of the first albums of MISERY and ALASTIS?

V : So you know MISERY?

David : Yeah! I know MISERY and ALASTIS of course.

V : I Listened to the first album of ALASTIS…It’s okay…I don't have to
judge what they do…MISERY is different…most of the tracks are written
by my brother.

David : And he is playing in SAMAEL too?

V : Yeah! He is our drummer.



David : And most of the tracks of MISERY…It’s your brother that wrote

V : YEAH!!!

David : Ah Yes!

V : Because they had a problem with line-ups,and then seeing that they
were not close enough…He had rehearsed with them and they did stuff
together…So, yeah, it is difficult for me to be critical of this…

David : Ah Yes!

Franck : Do you think that Death,Doom and mostly Black Metal are called
to remain underground or are likely to evolve…bands like METALLICA
which at the beginning was very unknown,and which today are in many

V : NO!

Franck : Is this what is the essence of Black Metal to be underground?

V : It depends where you situated in the underground level…that's all,what.
I mean,I think you can evolve,any style as the long as you believe you tried
to bring something new in what you do.But it will never be a question for a
Black Metal band to be compared to bands that you mentioned.Why?
Because it is does not correspond to everyone…It is for people trying to
go a little further perhaps,in only one direction without getting lost.

Franck : A few insiders maybe?

V : I would not say insiders but people who are more extreme instead.

Franck : Extreme? In what sense?

V : In their meaning…in their meaning to them.

David : Have you listened mostly to metal or have you gone on to other
musical styles?

V : No I don' listen especially to metal…I mean,for me,this is more a
history of feeling,atmosphere,…I like everything that is dark in general…

David : Can can give me some names?

V : I don't know,I have nothing special that comes to my head.Stuff like

David : And in current Black Metal Bands?


David : Any except that?

V : Except that I don't know...no....I don't know…I found quite good
what they did in EMPEROR..otherwise…nothing else comes to my

Franck : Classical music maybe?

V : Yeah!

Franck : And what do you think about the Greek scene?

V : Yeah…But I haven't followed,these bands…I know them…Our
bassist is in regular contact with them…I don't know what I think in
particular,they do what they like…



David : You like ENSLAVED?

V : ENSLAVED? It tells me “something”....

David : That's a Norwegian Black Metal band.

V : Ah yes…They made a split with EMPEROR.

David : Yeah with EMPEROR!

Franck : Another questions David?

David : What year have you started?

V : '87 with our first drummer.

Franck : A last word to the end?

V : Ah this question always throws me off… dont know…I have
nothing special to say really.

Franck : Well that's all

David : Yeah yeah that's what happens.



             Interview Done By David & Franck From Cultest Mystifier Zine(R.I.P)


                                             INFERNAL THANX


                    Pictures Taken By Kanz-Noz From Backstage & Stage.


                                     Preface Created By Kanz-Noz.


                       Special Hailz To Celt Baphogaotu From North America.


Ticket - Concert 1993

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