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Pagan warriors of PRIMORDIAL show with blood and honour their celt origins engraven in the oldest stones.Their approach is coming from the depths of their soul to create the darkest mystical atmosphere in relation with legends,folklore,myth…Lord nemtheanga from Ireland. answered to my questions on the activity of his circle in the strongest courtesy.Hail to the King of all fighting!!!  


01 - Demat nemtheanga! First why did your demo ‘dark romanticism ’ was only pressed to 500 copies?How  many were sold?  Later on,this material was released on Split lp with katatonia on your own label,again in a limited edition.But what do you think about the crazy fans who didn’t get the chance to know you in the beginning?Pearhaps one day you intend to release it on a cd format. Do you think it might be necessary?                





 The demo was released in july 1993 and sold about 1100 copies in the end .We just it was about time to re-release it after 10 years for people who have never heard it.The track ‘to enter Pagan’ on the split with Katatonia is not the same recording and it was released on misanthropy records in 1997 I think?or1998. I guess the demo will be out in a few months with some extra old live tracks and a few surprises.



02 - Primordial has strong values ,respecting with honor and bravery your origins deeply rooted in the celt culture.I think you are a poet,the way  you  retranscrible your emotions on paper fits with your musical art.Do you draw your inspiration from the oldest stones your ancestors left behind them,the likes of dolmen and standing stones as well as sacred places such as mystical forest filled with mysterious legends?

We are of course influenced-and inspired by own culture,myth and tradition And we feel we are continving a great irish cultural and artistic tradition with primordial.We are not romantic people longing for a by gone age,we accept the harsh real time life in 2003 but there are important lessons we can learn from.the past and we wish to keep that link very much alive.So it can only be this way,I will never apologise for my culture,my heritage,bloodline and traditions.They are past of me and will forever be until I return to the earth from where I came! Art is rebellion, culture is resistance. 



03 - There is a dark atmosphere pouring from. your creation, coming from .your personal feelings, a melancholic deepness enhanced with some trad touches brought to life again…Then, are you interested by irish celtic scene? Did you happen to take part to Saturday night ‘fest noz‘(traditional celtic fests) together with real blood brothers? Will you use more trad instruments in the future as bodhran; tin-whistle, mandolin..? 

We take inspiration from. traditional music of course,but are not interested in making jolly or happy sounding folk metal.Everything must be done in the dark,melancholic and mighty primordial way. It’s always been the same from the start of the band we wanted to make dark music.The other members of primordial at one time used to play together as a traditional band acoustically in a pub near where our bass player used to live. In the future?I dont know,I think the next album will be more grim on one hand and more acoustic and traditional on the other. 


04 - However,your album covers always reflect a pagan aspect as a link to your wild personalitiesWhat is your feeling about humans complete disrespect of nature environment? 

I always want simple and easily recognisable covers that have some form of deeper mearning to the band.Of course our ancestors were more in touch with nature and there are many things we have lost.The pantheon of old gods are just mans natural relationship to the elements and nature surrounding him.What can I say?It’s going to kill us all in the end.



05 - Lately, I was listening back to your oldest material;which was musically black-metal oriented with ear-grating vocals?I wonder how you feel the way your vocals did evolve?What sensation does it create?

Well we always had clean vocals,even on the demo and on the first album’Imrama‘ as well,so I don’t think the evolution of the vocals should come as a surprise to anyone.I’ve always tried to convey many styles and emotions.



06 - Well ,I suppose you are admirer about literature related to celtic mythology..Who are your favourite writers?So, are you interested by the druidism religion?Somewhere,do you know my country ‘the britanny’which is highly influenced by the Celts?

I read lots of different kinds of books and have lots of different favorites writers.From people like

Lovecraft and Poe to Celine and soutre to travel writers,history,war,fantasy,fiction…whatever I was more interested in druidism more let’s say 5 years ago and look some steps towards it but felt there was far too hippie left wing culture in the druidic scene for me.However ,the priciples and history interest me,just not any of the people I’ve met involved in it.Yes I’ve met people from. britanny and there are very great and interesting links between irland. and the breton tradition.



07 - Today,you’ve been staying faithful to hammerheart record for the long time now.Since time,are you satisfied with it and how many albums are planned on the contract?Coming from. the past ,do you have regrets about having left the two english labels cacophonous and misanthropy(r.i.p)?

Our contract with Hammerheart won’t last forever and after that we shall see what happens.Hammerheart is a reasonnable label but they haven’t broken any band though to a bigger market so I think they need to put more effort into certain bands and stop releasing so much craps.For example there is no reason why primordial should sell less then vintersorg for exemple?What’s the reason?Who knows?I have no regrets over misanthropy or Cacophonous.




08 - Then, your first drummer left you after the ‘Imrama’ album. But I heard from. My friend Bertrand (who you know very well!!)that the trendie fucking looser from.Hecate enthroned called you,wishing to get the job.Info or intox?If it’s exact ,what was your answer then?Really funny,did you watch their ridiculous video clip because I had much laughing at it?

No,the drummer from. hecate enthroned never asked us,at least I can’t remember that he did? The guys from.he are nice guys nowadays and the band is a totally different from.years ago but I really don’t think they made any musical contribution to the scene at all.Not a big deal however!




09 - How was the tour with nile/the haunted?I noticed you had a cd’s stand in Rennes and what’s surprise no lp!Shame on you,an oldest die-hard like you!!!But let’s say that something else I did appreciate is the re-release of cult Slaughter lord on your label invictus.What are the plans it in the future?

Well I was working for metallyse the tour operators so what was oursale had nothing to do with me at all!However it was a cool tour to work on and the nile and haunted guys are cool guys.The label I don’t really have anything to do with anymore..I’m just concentrating on making music,but the guys behind Invictus have released the great gospel of the horns debut cd and a Vomitor ep and soon an allfather 10’’and ares kingdom ep I think.Support them!



10 - To finish off with that honourable interview,you shall have the last magik word.May the blood of your ancestors run though your veins until you die.Kenavo ar wench’all.


No problem,thanks for tour time,it’s been many years since I actually wrote out an interview!take me back to the good old underground days ha!Keep the ancient flame burning.Metal forever.  




                                                        Interview : Kanz-Noz 



Irlande (01) 



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