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Until the opposite is proven,it is feared that the

prosperity of BURZUM has the brilliance of The Stars,

an impulsive mood,a tactful instinct that can tilt the

axis of The Universe since its creation.We should not

hide the fact that Varg’s innate sensibilities continued

to be a determining factor for stimulating the lust and

outrage stages of disorder and a are a source of energy

for depressive and hateful characters allowing him to

cope with uncertainty.Upon re-entering The Magic Circle,

that within his intuitive nature once again conjured up the

exaltation of the shadows of his past…His path of being

thorough encourages us to think that he has once again   

taken upon himself that mystical aura belonging to the

oneiric world…




01 - Prologue: I’d like to get further information about

Burzum secret history?

A storm is coming. Rain, as the Deluge, pours down

raging like the black fire in the grave. Branches of the

twisted trees try to grab me as I walk to the forgotten

cemetery dominated by the glacial essence.


02 - So, could you reveal me the secret meaning of


…Aaarrrgh Burzum ish krimpatul…and in the darkness

bind them. In an old forgotten language called ‘Naltflas’,

‘burz’ means ‘dark’ or ‘black’, and ‘burzum’ means


03 - Please describe your deep feelings involved in your


Pure cold hate from the darkest depths of my mind.

Hate that is cold, dark and depressive. It was recorded

in the midst of winter on a fullmoon night to catch that

freezing insanity.



04 - That said, what do you wish to transmit to lost

souls through the destructive coldness and thoughts

both combative and depressive riddling this first


To create hate!!!


05 - Are you satisfied of DSP deal as a whole or would   

have you liked to obtain a better one, for instance

Osmose Productions?

DSP is the darkest label ever it is therefore the only label

for Burzum.DSP has needed only true bands like Merciless,

Abruptum,The True Mayhem and will continue with true

bands.It is and honour to be on the same label as these

bands.Osmose do not have any worthy bands so this one

reason for not signing. Herve is a nice guy, not a total

insane evil medieval christian satanist who worship evil!!!  

DSP have neitheir distribution too. And I get almost as

much cash from DSP than I would get from Osmose.

On DSP I get all the music from any label for free, not only

all DSP releases but eveything I want to have.


Varg Vikernes


06 - You said that your second LP ‘ Pa Svarte Troner’ is

already recorded. Please say something about it.

It’s more dark and depressive... I think the first LP is

more cold hate in a bit depressive way. Anyway the 2nd

LP is more varied songwise.

07 - Could I discover the right grim hymn list?

It contains old tracks as ‘ Lost wisdom’ (early ‘91),

‘My key to purgatory’ (mid’91) and ‘Dominos sathanas’

(early ‘91) and new ones as ‘Svarte Troner’ (May ’92),

’Den onde kysten’ (Jan ’92), ’Han som reiste’ (May ’92),

‘Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn’ (Feb ’92) and ‘En Ring Til A Herske’

(April ’92). All these new song titles are in swedish or

norvegian... Use your dictionnary to translate them!



 08 - How did you practice your songs when you still were

the only member?

I didn’t. I think how they shall be and play them like that

when I record them.

09 - Have you already planned your stage show?


Yes it will be a dark depressive live show.No fun,No mosh.

Trend folk will be bored to death seing Burzum live.

We are no fun.





10 - What relationship maintain you with Euronymous?

Who care ?


11 - I presume that you are not hostile to satanism

and occultism?

Yes, I study the arts of tarot, astrology, the Golden

Dawn system of magick, medieval satanism and vampirism.

A few nights earlier I drank the fresh blood from the neck of

a virgin. That was an experience that will forever remain in

my memory. I see Satan as the master of evil and as my

horned father. I hate the Church of Satan. They deny the

existence of Satan. I call it church of atheism,of individualism

and humanism.They pray life, light and freedom! not Satan.

They are the true ‘good’ people on this planet.To call it

‘Church of Satan’ is a blasphemy.They will pay for that.

Satanism doesn’t oppose to Christianity.The Christian

Church eradicates the masses, creating lots of troubles, 

sadness and wars.I support that. So worship Satan.

Most of satanists in history were priests or monks.

The burned witches were paganists or ordinary people in

trouble with evil folks. But maybe some of them really

were satanists.

12 - I am curious to know about your sources of inspiration

as well as your favorite bands?

These are essentially the cold and nocturnal winter

landscapes where I live, and also certain musics and books,

middle-age sites,natural sites, the sky and the moon above

me. My favorite bands are Bathory, The True Mayhem, Von,

Famlende,Forsok,When,Rotting Christ, G.G.H.T , Monumentum,

Alastis,Diamanda Galas,Thorn,Varathron, Laibach, Thule,

Deathrow (‘Deception Ignored’ album - I hate the lyrics... ),

Hellhammer,early Celtic Frost,Immortal... I hate Profanatica

and all of those so-called black Metal bands preaching for the

Church of Satan. Black metal is satanic.If it’s not satanic then

it’s not black metal. The Church of Satan isn’t satanic.Call your

bands life metal or white metal because that’s what you are

fighting for.Light, life and freedom. Nothing black. Fuck you!!!


Wheel sun


13 - Do you appreciate litterature? What sort of subjects

keep your attention?

Yes! I like reading books about vampires,astrology,white

magic and black magic (to me everything is black),geography,

necrology,anatomy, tarot and so on… Throw away the Bible

of Satan,for that’s only shit.

14 - How is going the Norwegian scene today?


It is becoming very important. Many black metal bands

dominate our cold country.



15 - Could you tell me something about France?

Hum… Lots of wines, medieval castles, nazis (nazism

grows fast in your country!!!). Sweet and sensitive people

(French have never been very strong, except for a few ones

of course). We looted your north coasts. That time will come

again soon. I know you are reputated for being beautiful

(almost as beautiful as the Scandinavians).That’s enough!

Enough talks about France.

16 - Walking a tortuous path following the steps of wolves,

I leave the epilogue to you?

‘Zoad-oh-nu-goh-no day doh-see-gee’. It means

‘The Nightwings’ (those you must fear!!!).




                                                   Interview : Kanz-Noz

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