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10 avril 2006 1 10 /04 /avril /2006 10:39

A newcomer in the North, following the old tradition of NWOBHM, Devil Lee Rot is the band of Tomas, the dark vocalist of Pagan rites. Those metalheads recreate a pure, authentic true heavy metal sound with the 80’s feeling - the kind you would like to hear more often in the present scene. My ex associate, Mikael, who is staying in Finland, tied some contacts with Immu from Slugathor who, with kindness, sent my questions to the evil nostalgic Swedish poser, far away from the sucess of his idol!

01 - Hail, fucking die-hard! Please, could you first briefly retrace the story of the band? 

HELL VICTORY! The story of DLR started when I was thinking about forming my own heavy metal act. I had been waiting a long time for the right moment, so in 2000 (or maybe it was 1999), I formed Devil Lee Rot as a solo band! At the same time, I made my first demo, “Pagan from the heart”, which was a great success; those trax were soon released on one 7 inch and one split 7’’inch! This was kind of meant to be a simple project band, but right after this demo release Van Hell + J. Voltage joined, and together we made this brillant METAL music which I had been dreaming of since I was a kid! Van Hell left, and D. Slaughter took his place! For now, we have recorded 5 albums (psy: two only!). The last one is “Metalizer”, to be released on CD only including new material and some old re-recorded trax! This a brilliant Heavy metal release, I must say. Check it out at

02 - The second assault, “Metal dictator/soldier from hell” respects the talented unholy feeling of the burning flame of the early 80s. So, how magnificent are the reviews of your album? How long did you work to attain the final result?

been great, I think - but the best reviews were for “Metal dictator” of course; it has better We never work that long and, to be honest, the reviews have trax, and the sound is 100 times better. We still keep the sound of 80’s, that’s our aim - to bring you back to 1980.

03 - 
It is clear that your musical heritage comes from the Heavy metal scene of the eighties. Is it important to you to bring new life to this memorable period?


I don’t think we would’ve made any money with EP even if he had paid everything to us. But yeah, he did do the same thing to several other bands and it is very annoying just in the principal

04 - On “A little devil ain’t enough”, one totally feels pure nostalgia for the NWBOHM scene in the composition and sound. Is it difficult today to reproduce this aged sound and find a studio which can offer this way of recording, in spite of new technologies?


We have changed studios nowadays, but of course, we still do our best to keep the NWBOHM sound... but with better productions on it, if you see what I mean!?

05 - Why is the cover of your first opus different on vinyl and on cd?

Why not? It’s released on two different labels, so that’s the reason. On the “Metal dictator” LP, there’s a big difference!

pisteee.jpg06 - Recently, some singles and split singles have been released for the pleasure of crazy maniac fans. Many of these products have been released in limited numbers - they soon became true collector’s items! How do you feel about the split single with Flames which, in my opinion, still shows the real identity of DLR? Is it really important for you make this kind of material?   

I’m not that much into split 7 inches etc. I’m mostly into making my own own 7”, LPs and CDs. I like our labels, but of course it would be wonderful if we could get a bigger contract so we can live from our music! But we will forever be a Heavy metal underground band, and Heavy metal is always underground!

07 - I personally discovered Heavy metal ca. anno 1984, just like you, I suppose. Well, what would you say about these albums? Tank “Honour and blood”; Savage Grace “After the fall from grace”; Wild Dogs “Reign of teror”; Sortilege “Metamorphose”; Heir Apparent "Graceful inheritance”; Sacred Blade “Of the sun and moon”; Chateaux “Chained and desperate”; Griffin “Flight of the griffin”; Tyran“King of King” and Tokyo Blade “Night of the blade”.


 Tokyo Blade is one of my fave bands! I really love lots of bands from the 80s or, shall I say, I only listen to that kind of metal music!!!

08 - It’s kind of unusual to release your albums limited to 1000 copies. Why did you decide to do so?

Don’t ask me - ask the label, I think it would have been much better to release it unlimited. More people would get it!  

09 - Now, one question running through my mind concerns your nickname: is it an allusion to the

fucking poser David Lee Roth or pure coincidence?

David Lee Roth once ruled in his year with Van Halen! No, I’m the fucking poser, hehe.

10 - The last words are for you, bloody motherfucker from hell!

THANX a lot my friend! Get some of our new trax from. www.witches-brew.org. Stay Hard//DLR



                                                          Interview : Kanz-Noz

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