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27 mars 2006 1 27 /03 /mars /2006 14:47

Hailing from the USA this hellish band has always remained true to the
banner of darkness since the diabolical release of their first sentence of death ‘Ancient storm of war’.These soldiers of evil purvey heavy/doom-laden metal,strongly influenced by the old black metal act of the 80’s
abiding exclusively by the rules of thier own musical faith,with no consideration for current trends.I felt the urge to ask Funeral grave a number of questions relating to the bands career,and thank this living dead for his honest replies.


Gravewurm - Line-up (01)

 01 - HELLo Funeral grave ! It’s a fine day to die! Which album are you listening to just before answering my stupid questions?

Annihilator ’85 / ’86 demos, Bolt Thrower ’87 demo and Ravage (pre-Atheist) demos.


 02 - So this next question is quiet common but necessary for the fucking bastards who don’t know you yet. Could you tell me what were the main raisons to form GRAVEWURM at the beginning of the 90’s?

Praising the name of darkness and metal in the ways of doom/death/war and hell. Most of the 80’s bands had changed or died. We were into the likes of Candlemass, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Saint Vitus, Cathedral, Nihilist etc and wanted to continue in that tradition of metal.

03 - With the passing of time don’t you think that this glorious period was favourable to you if we consider your status like precursory in the US black metal scene and if you compare with nowadays with the massing arriving of fag black metal bands who make a fool of ancient pride with their sweaties songs, look and so on…?

Corpse paint, capes , battle axes and breathing fire never worked  for many black metal bands…they all thought they could be the next Emperor or Immortal…they were wrong. A certain amount of image is truly associated with being a “black metal” band and that might not be a bad thing, it just depends on what each band does with it. How can one compare the likes of Grand Belial’s Key to Immortal or Absurd to Spear of Longinus? Each of these bands have their own ways of darkness about them and all are full of hatred and power…HAIL!  Most of today’s bands however have not lost the ways of the true…they simply never had them!

04 - It seems that your musical background is directly influenced by  Hellhammer,Slaughter,Venom(old). What does symbolise to you these 3 mighty pioneer?

Grim, loathing, hateful, nihilism, dirty and ridden with the ancient plagues…they are immortalized in the legions. La puissance de la sang noire est en mon coeur!


  05  - Under the sign of dark forces the tyrant’s necrovocals seem very original. Why did you choose this kind of vocals which are not very usual nowadays? Could you tell me more about the state of mind of the vocalist? 

Blood was our vokillist in the beginning with traditional death growls. Soon after, Tyrant joined the ranks with a more aggressive war-mongering vokill approach which suited our songs better. A mix of Kreator, Venom, Unleashed and Bloodfeast some described it. Tyrant was demented and grim…insanity shortly followed his howlings into the night. I proclaimed blasphemies in the name of blood and war from 96 to 2003 until Zyklon was granted those duties in the wurm camp in 2004.


06 - Visually and literally your mains topics deals with death and black witchery for the massacre of heaven. So what is your opinion about satanism in this world ruled by weakness? Does your fight against judeo christians institutions make you feel hate and nihilism? (I want to refer  particulary with the happenings of the september  11th 2001). Do you think that americans have became more racist after this tragedy???

The thoughts of judeo-christian institutions sicken me…brings me to a state of utter disgust and depression…knowing we will never be rid of such things in my life time.  Society is being consumed by this cancer and I do not see it stopping anytime soon. “Terrorist” attacks take place through subterfuge / tretchery / betrayal and deceit used in any kind of conflict. The fact that Amerika was attacked on our home soil made the difference in 9/11…as it did in WWII. Racism is apparent in many places…no further comment is needed.  

07 - How happened your first contact with Barbarian wrath records? It seems that your line up is stable since “ancient storm of war”? Did you get the results of your great efforts with them as far as concerned distribution, royalties and promotion? Did you get other interesting propositions from other labels? Do you enjoy their signature which is very inspiried by the 80’s?

Opyros of Barbarian Wrath was first made aware of Gravewurm thanks to the mighty Nunslaughter back in 99 when he was doing a label called Nazgul’s Eeyrie Productions which had about 10 bands singed to it I believe. For reasons for which I am not in full comprehension, he stopped that label and started Barbarian Wrath in 99 or 2000 it was. Gravewurm was his second release.

The Gravewurm line up has never been what I would call “stable” since 94. I have used session musicians or recorded songs solely by myself to keep the wurm alive for all these years. The current bassist/vokillist Zyklon has been with the band for almost two years now…all others have come and gone.

We get no royalites. Promotion levels vary through labels…that is the bands duty and such is the way of  being a true “underground” band I believe. Iron Bonehead and Time Before Time have been good labels to us. Barbarian Wrath had good and bad memories.

08 - Iron bonehead productions produced your first single “w.a.r.b.e.a.s.t” limited to 500 copies just like your others released limited to 666 copies. Do you still want to stay in the underground scene by decreasing your sales agreement every time? I thought that the compositions from the single are very inspired by old death/thrash metal which is certainly due to the presence of Don from NUNSLAUGHTER who helped you in the writing process. I guess he is also the vocalist on the single, isn’t he????

Don of the Dead and Jim Sadist of NUNSLAUGHTER were the session musicians on the WARBEAST 7”. It  was the decision of the labels to make only limited quantity of the vinyl and cds. The band had no say in that whatsoever. The WARBEAST songs were written by me back in 97 when I was listening to mostly materials by Hellhammer, Nuclear Death, Nocturnus, Razor, Deathrow and Unleashed. Don of the Dead and Sadist suggested some minor changes here and there for some songs and were applied.


09 - My intuition tells me that you want to keep the secret about the apparition of Gelal from G.B.K on your last records. I don’t understand your reaction? And it seems that you use the same P.O as him, very strange isn’t it? Moreover I have never seen any snapshot from you anywhere. Is that because you are too much ugly or do you want to keep your integrity?

Gelal was brought in the “Into Battle” session to oversee the recording. Band pictures of GW can be found on the old rehersal tape for Morbid Death, in the booklet for “Under the Banner of War” and on our website. The P.O. to which you are referring was share by both bands at one time, but no longer.


10 - After the infernal “dark soul of hell” records time before time released “canivorus monarchy” tape/ep. Did this record received good reviews from the underground scene and from the huge audience?

Some people thought the ep was really good, but most of the underground does not have the stomach for such ugly metal. If it does not sound like Mayhem or Darkthrone or Emperor, the masses won’t like it…we don’t give a fuck!

11 - Blasphemies go on with the new appearence of a split single with the DEVIL LEE ROTH motherfuckers released this time by Miriquidi productions. What do you think about this release?

The “Infernal Gates” 7” with DLR is killer old style black attack! I was into the DLR material since back in the day when I first heard his vokill assault in the band Pagan Rites. They are true and proud metal legions.



 12 - There is 2 years between “into battle” and “under the banner of war” so what happened? Although you were missing the sign of evil is now back and without having changed your musical direction.

Actually “Under the Banner of War” was recorded back in 2003. It took Barbarian Wrath over 2 years to release it. That is why we decided to put live songs from 2004 on the release because it was still not pressed at that time…hence our reason not to deal with Barbarian Wrath anymore. Every release we have done for that label has been met with dissapointment due to Opyros’s views on the underground. We were pleased to finally have full cd releases available but at such a time as the underground was flooded with tons of bands which sounded much alike.

13 - Could you tell me more about the 5 live tracks which are in bonus on your last record? Where have they been recorded? What was the audience of this fucking hellish night? Did you make lots of gigs since the beginning?

To this day I am still not sure from which live shows those tracks were taken, but I know some were from Rockville, MD 2004. The audiences were never really good at our shows…back in 94 and in 2004. General metal masses don’t understand where our mindset is in the music…they were mostly of the opinion that “it doesn’t sound like Cannibal Corpse or Darkthrone so I don’t like it”…once again…we don’t give a fuck! We play what we like to hear…nothing more…nothing less. I’ll leave rock-star accomplishments to the likes of Arch Enemy or Children of Bodom.

14 - So blood-brother did you get a contract for your next split cd or ep with HEKSERI as far as concerned the address I gave you? Could you present us this new us unknown band?

There has been no label interest yet for the proposed split release with Boston’s bestial blackmetallers HEKSERI. We are hoping we can work out a deal with HellsHeadbangers though. Hekseri can be found best online  www.hekseri.net



 15 - As i know that the old goat fucking pervers enjoy sex I’d like to know how are the eastern girls in bed compared to US whores? Could you tell me where do you find girls in general? (laugh)

I like sluts, I like whores, I like whores who always want more –ha ha- good lyrics indeed from C88. Girls are girls no matter where you go…like in a Clint Eastwood movie…the good, the bad and the ugly –ha-

16 - To conclude tell me your last shitty words?

Invert the cross, deny His lie, raize His temple and watch Him die. Thanks for the time and interest in Gravewurm. 2006 we will be playing shows again in the states. Check the website for updated information. www.myspace.com/gravewurm and www.gravewurm.co



                                                        Interview : Kanz-Noz




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