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These die-hard Americans are ready to conquer the Death Metal throne by the power of axes, to make it a bloody slaughter. Going down to hell, into the darkness of the realm of death, FUNEBRARUM will endure an atrocious suffering under the horrifying sound of Death Metal. If you missed them at the time you’d better make sure to get yourself a copy of their pestilential fulllenght ‘Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods’, or your corpse will rot eternally. That’s exactly the music all of you unholy metalheads shoud listen to. Horned Goat Daryl, vocalist and spokesmanof the band, enters the game of perversity with the most dismal desires.

01 - Ave Daryl ! Beware, I’m gonna molest you, you’ll remember it for a long time!!! Actually I’m a dirty psychopath craving for new experiences...

Salve Ronnie! The sadistic hate and pleasure of our psychopathic brains is real. Be careful who you try to touch you sick weirdo!! haha Save your cravings of molestation for the asian boy trapped in your attic or you will suffer extremity.


02 - Funebrarum began (or have I to say "came back to life and went out of their grave?") in 1999 with an aim: to make our ears bleed... The band were formed by you and your associate Nick Orlando with the objective of creating some morbid dark death metal in an early 90’s style... So I’d like to know what clicked between you and Nick on that year?


Nick and I met through our other bands, Abazagorath and Evoken, who shared a  
common member as we all live in the same region so it was only a matter of time before a Satanic Circle was formed. Nick and I soon discovered that we share a similar taste in old brutal demos so over some beers in a local bar the idea to create Funebrarum was born..


03 - Could you tell me about your debut, was it laborious? Why having waited for such a long time to form the band, considering the golden years for death metal were the late 80’s/early 90’s? Today the death metal scene is still active but unfortunately flooded by new bands who revel in plagiarizing their idols; not that I throw the rock at them but... what do you think about?


After the first few studio rehearsals, we recorded and and released one demo tape "Triumphant Ascent" in 1999, which featured the original line-up of myself on vocals, Nick on guitars / bass and Dario on drums. We got alot of solid responses to this tape which was the impetus to pursue the band even futher. David Wagner of Abazagorath also joined us on bass around this time. Shortly therafter, Dario left all three bands to return to his home in the Seattle. He is now playing drums for a band in the wild west called Drawn and Quartered. We eventually found a new drummer namely, Brian Jimenez along with second guitarist, Dan Dornbierer. With the second line-up we started writing new material. We also played some quality live gigs with Evoken, Nunslaughter, Mortician, Mayhem, Exhumed  etc.. during this time.. All responses to Funebrarum at this stage were highly positive which shifted things into high gear for us.  Dan soon left the band bringing us back to a four-piece with which we recorded our second demo "Tombs of Sleeping Darkness". The recording came out alot better than we expected so we decided to re-mix it and release it as our debut "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods"  MCD on the local cult label, Necroharmonic Productions. A lot of drinking, evil and insanity surrounded this recording. The recording took place in 2000 but was not released until 2002. This was due to a period where we distributed the recording to friends and various record labels. I also took time to create the cover painting and layout.


04 - Funebrarum, if I am not mistaken, is a Latin noun, I’d like to know its meaning which is, I presume, a dedication to necrophiliacs? lol (stay away, you romantic faggots !)

FUNEBRARUM - means "fuck off posers - kill trends" and above all - HAIL TRUE DEATH METAL!  The literal translation in latin means "Gloomy Morbid Grave - Funeral-like.." the perfect name for our expedition back down to the blackened vaults of brutality..


05 - I cut my own flesh on the first time I listened to your macabre ‘Triumph Ascent’ demo, with its crushing death metal à la old Carcass, Nihilist, Bolt Thrower... some real brain hammering! Did you want to pay tribute to all of these pioneers? I’ve heard you weren’t satisfied with its sound, why that?


Thanks! The sound is heavy and thick but some post-mastering by Dario changed a few things. This is what I don't like totally but overall the tape sounds good was an interesting piece in our history. Thanks for the kind words.


06 - Some Funebrarum members play in other bands like Kalopsia, Evoken, Warhead, and you do in the old school black metal-oriented Abazagorath. I’d like you to present these bands to our readers please. By the way, which one is your priority between Funebrarum and Abazagorath? Have the other members much musical involvement in Funebrarum than in their other bands?


Evoken is recording a new album as I write this so Nick has taken a back seat with his activity in Funebrarum now but will resume work with us in a week or so. Right now the priority for us is Funebrarum. We have a new album which is almost ready to be recorded plus an upcoming European tour with Interment among other things.  Abazagorath is a black metal band Dave and I have been members of for 12 years now. We also has a new album in the works and will start working towards it again once we have acheived everything Funebrarum has planned. It is difficult working with several bands at the same time but we do it and enjoy it. Kalopsia is the grind band of our new guitarist, Matt Medeiros. He is a worthy addition to Funebrarum along with our killing new drummer, Shawn Eldritch. This guy buries all drummers we have worked with in the past.Warhead was a project band of Abazagorath members - Chris Warhead (drummer) and Dave. They released one CD on Elegy Records in 1997.


07 - I sincerely think you are real die-hard since the picture on the Metal-Archives website shows your nice appearance as well as your passion for the extreme metal scene (it’s strange I can’t see some porn posters behind!). So tell me about the rarer items in your private record collection, you motherfucker! How long for have you been listening to metal and which were the first bands you discovered? (at the time when you were still a fuckin’ virgin? Ha ha!) 



Thanks, that photo was taken a few years ago. Some of our hair is now gone and the posters have been removed but we are still the same people. I've been listening to and enjoying underground music for 20 + years now. Some of my personal favorites in my collection are the Nihilist demos, Macabre End ep, Disgrace ep, Amputation demo, Old Funeral shirt etc.... Between us all we have a mountain of rare stuff that would explode your brain. We still love brutal Metal and is the main reason why we exist.



08 - Around October 2000 a second slaughter awaits with the ‘Tombs of Sleeping Darkness’ demo which is musically speaking the sequel to the first one... Did you honestly feel a progression since your first axe hits? A new drummer named Brian Jiminez joined you, where did you meet him? In a sex shop? Lol


We met Brian in a dirty sex shope on 42nd street. He was selected for his grinding robotic skills, taste in horny blondes and excellent humor. We actually met him at a gig where he dedicated a song to "the guy in the terrorizer shirt" - which was me. I asked him and he joined the unholy legion.. Yes the progression was natural since we had these riffs in the archive waiting to be unleashed.


09 - Holy fuck! After the ‘Tombs…’ demo the band remained silent for some time, looking for a new bloodhunter. I suppose Brian Jiminez didn’t live up to your pervert expectations... What did really happen?


After the release of our mini-album "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods"Brian became restless due to our other bands being busy. It's a delicate balance of bands happening here haha..  He eventually decided to leave to form another band called Cyber Christ which is quite good. We have a good repoire with Brian today and continue to support his activities. He also was in band years ago called Eschaton with our current guitarist , Matt Medeiros.


10 - When I listen to your ‘Dormant Hallucination’ single I have to admit there has been a great progress in your composing abilities... Could you tell me under which circumstances these tunes were composed and recorded? What do you feel when you listen to this EP? You were helped by a session drummer Justin Detore, how did you know him?


After Brian left the band it put us in a fucked up situation without a drummer. Several years went by without one almost resulting in the band dying for good. We did meet some interesting characters who tried out but none of them worked out. We could write a comedy sketch about these various drummers, one guy could hardly play but he had a van and special leather drumming gloves, fancy drumstick case and was ready to tour!!.. it was fucking hilarious and also embarrassing for us.After having no luck finding a suitable drummer we resorted to writing thenew material in our living room with me playing the drum machine. Alot of our new songs were created during these sessions.. Alot of great times and stomping complaints from our female neighbor upstairs. Throwing her dildos and vibrating cock-seat onto the floor. Dave's sub-atomic bass surely stimulated her clit into a fucking frenzy.Our saviour, Wes Rhodes of Cadaverizer / Midnight 666 Records arose from the burning pit to offer us a split ep with his band "Cadaverizer" which featured the mighty Kam Lee of Massacre and Death. We glady accepted but soon things went to hell for this band.  Wes called back and decided to give us the whole ep. I contacted a friend of mine from the Boston Hardcore scene, Justin De Torre who filled in as our session drummer. Since we didn't have time to teach De Torre the new stuff we decided to re-record some old songs, Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers and Dormant Hallucination plus an intro track. I am very pleased with this release not only because of how good our stuff came out but also for the godly Dan Seagrave art. Thanks Wes,Justin & Dan!


11 - The mighty Necroharmonic Records label pressed the full-lenght ‘Beneath The Column Of Abandoned Gods’ in 2002, was it the right time to make yourself known to a wider audience? Give me your feelings about the work done by Mister Roy (design, promotion, and so on...). This album got praised by fanzines and magazines, were you at the top of your capacities at that time? Which bands are your favourite in the Necroharmonic catalogue?


Roy did a great job and has been a supporter of Funebrarum since our demo  
days. He organized our first gigs and really did a lot for the band.We were at the the top of our game with interest from Earache and abroad but we chose Necroharmonic, who is a local label who really represents what we are about - Total underground!  As I stated earlier this album was actually our second demo "Tombs of Sleeping Darkness" remixed. Our next album titled "Perish Beneath" will also be released on Necroharmonic Production in June 2007.Some more shameless self promotion: I was the person who designed our albums as well as most of the Necroharmonic catalogue. Some favorites include Dr.Shrinker, Rottrevore, Diciples of Mockery as well as "Gorement, Mucupurulent and Abazagorath" (Morbid Wrath Records co-releases). www.necroharmonic.com



12 - Necrotic, pestilential and bloody lyrics with a sick lust for death... Have you some link to extreme ancestral rites like necromancy or anthropophagy which strict rules for the living were completely different than our now easy lifestyle? Did you like the remake of the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ movie?


All that flows from beneath filters its' way into what we do. This ancient essence is tremendously powerful and can be found through various rites which have been transposed in strategically placed notes,arrangments and invocations. This element and atmosphere plays a big part in all of our creations.Nick and I write most of the lyrics which are also inspired by dreams, books, movies etc.. I am a big movie fan with a special interest in and collection of obscure horror sleaze era 60's-80's. Most of these remakes are seen as a great offense by me.  Especially the coming "Changeling" remake. We as a society have become used to immediate gratification. I think that those in control of the film industry now look to old strong film concepts (which made an impact on them as kids) as a source of cash.  To a new unknowing and dumb-as-fuck generation - a quick reaping at the box office and it's gone forever. There isn't an ounce of anything genuine in these remakes or today's society. They all suck.


13 - After the release of the single about two years ago the band fell into a morbid silence… Could you explain briefly this silent gap? In 2005 the coming of new musicians consolidated the band line-up... Was that period of time painful for you, and did you doubt Funebrarum future?

During this lull or gap there have been several albums and tours from both Abazagorath and Evoken so we have been consistently active as musicians. We always have been working towards something new with Funebrarum and now have finally built it's strongest incarnation yet which has been working steadily as a serious band. We also have two new members who bring alot of energy, skill and power into making this happen.  Three of the members in Funebrarum are in our mid-30's (including myself ) and with that age comes a whole new set of things to deal with. The younger guys in the band keep it fresh and motivated which is great.  It's not easy being in a multiple bands without one suffering but who's complaining? Get ready for the total fucking attack!!! Our intent is to continue writing the darkest death metal possible in the our own way. It's not a cheap colorful label gimmick to release albums that sound exactly like old bands. There is no point to this other than to fashion something kids might get into and spend a lot of money on. Like the current resurgence of thrash metal. I've noticed this trend a lot recently and we must put an end to it now before death metal ends up in the toilet(again).Funebrarum were the first to play in this style for many years so we have nothing to worry about. We have little connection to the modern bands or scene but will soon be playing live worldwide with more releases on the horizon.  Funebrarum comes from the total dark of pure underground death metal played by old school die-hards!



14 - Dear Daryl your worship for metal is luxurious… with the creation of your label ‘Morbid Wrath Records’ (another fuckin’ nice name for lovers! lol). What was your main aim when you founded your label? What are your criterions to sign a band? Was it difficult to collaborate with Conqueror Of Thorns to make the split CD with Interment (Sweden)? Do you enjoy the return of godz Interment?


Thanks again. I created Morbid Wrath Records as an outlet for our bands plus to give exposure to old (currently working ie: Interment) and defunct bands whom we feel deserve a proper release and attention.  A lot of these releases have been in collaboration with my friend Roy at Necroharmonic and will continue this way the future as well as some surprising upcoming solo-releases. We have just put out the Eternal Darkness (swe) - Total Darkness CD and it's getting alot of good press so far. I have been planning an official Interment discography on CD with Johan / Interment for a while now. During these talks we mentioned the possibility of recording a split album between our bands and he thought it was a good idea. It had been ages since Interment had been really active and it was the perfect opportunity to help them get it going again. I found a cool label from our area called Conqueror of Thorns and we started working. This project really lit the fire under both bands and was kick-ass collaboration for us because Interment rule. To promote our new album and the split we will be touring with Interment in Europe this summer. We both have been invited to play at Germany's famous Party San festival which is going to be great. More info on that soon.

15 - I thank you for having sold me the split CD at a friendly price but don’t forget to pack a porn book or movie with it, so that my (female) friends can appreciate it too haha! Let me know if you’re wet as a bitch with all those old band pictures I sold you for your fucking gay zine... damn, sorry! Too bad Mythic members weren’t in a good mental shape on that day to pose naked on the picture, don’t you think so, you fuckin’ pervert? Haha! I’ve heard that Terri (Mythic’s ex-drummer) played in a gothic whore band... Maybe she likes SM meetings, getting spanked and whipped by some sadists... Would you be interested in wearing a leather mask and giving her a lesson of perversity for having left metal? That deserves a punishment, don’t you think so? Lol


Well you being French im sure you can find plenty of sick gay erotic books to entertain your squirming brain of insanity. Yes, thanks for the old pics which I will include in my zine www.deathmetalsite.com , unfortunately a lot of these godly pics were photocopied to the point where you can barely make out a figure that barely represents anything..haha but will use then and appreciate this contribution to deathmetalsite.com. I've been informed by  Sharon a few years ago- (original derketa member) that some of the other girls were just in the band for the cock so it makes sense. The other taller chick on the Derketa ep was hot but never played on any recordings. I wasn't a big fan of and haven't heard much -Mythic but Derketa were sick.  Sharon is now married and doing well. She also has left death metal recently along with her great new band with Mark Mastro (x- rottrevore) "Eviscium" but she doesn't deserve any sado-punishments because she was the most brutal female in Death Metal's history. Heres another bit of shameless self-promotion: Necroharmonic released the discography of "Derketa - Goddess of Death CD" a few years back. This CD features one of my paintings on the cover.

16 - Okay, being a sexual maniac just like you, I had a look at your MySpace friend list and to my satisfaction I saw much interesting profiles of some fuckin’ bitches (I won’t give names for I don’t want to shock these ladies, all of them are just as desirable anyway!). So when do you invite me to an intense gang bang with Beherit’s ‘The Oath Of Black Blood’ as background music? I think they need some musical education, Britney Spears being too soft regarding their characteristics haha! Hey, I noticed a gorgeous brunette living in your land, very glamourous on top of that! Would you be able to make some concession to seduce her, such as getting dressed like a nightclubbing wanker? Haha! The best comes at the end, so that you can finally piss in your rotten panties, you old fart: does your right hand get lighter when you masturbate on these hot pictures?

Yes myspace is a place for the scourge of society to intermingle and spew their mindless meaningless drivel at each other ad infinitum. The girls on our page are either A: Metal fans or B: lost and crazed women looking to fill their vaginal void aka "life". Some of these chicks into clubbing and getting drunk every night are completely fake and only good for one thing-fucking!  This is an apsect of nightlife  & popculture that I hate - techno pop dancing etc.. We do like women though. Many women our age hear death metal and run the other way but there are always exceptions . I am not so much into Metal girls because they act too much like men but we do have some cool female friends in "real life" haha..Keep on wanking my friend! Myspace can be a useful promotion tool for bands and labels even though it is really the destroyer of the underground. This is what happens when things become over-exposed and ultimately ruined. Look at all the poser bands on myspace.. Euronymous would be turning over in his grave


17 - Come on, now it’s your turn to piss me off!!! Ask me a question in a similar way


You fucking psycho! Why don't you stop being a pussy and contact the nice brunette on our page to be your wife already?? I know in your spare time you would prefer to wank in the dance clubs looking for the sweaty horny men of Thailand ...your one sick panty-wearing pervert - Ronnie!!!! hahaha  It's been an interesting interview-Thanks. hot wet pictures?? ..It's time for electroshock therapy and extreme masturbation torture.. SIX SIX SICKNESS!   

Ron : Absolutely, all of them are sensual and gorgeous !!! Of course they are my slaves, did you know they were fond of ‘The 120 Days of Sodom’? And lately I included some Amish in there so as you can see, I never hold myself back! I’ve got a funny little story to tell you about what happened to me a few days ago, you’ll have a good laugh when you hear it. Well, another brunette sent me a request so when I saw her profile hot picture I cracked a big smile... Then I looked at her other pictures, and you would never guess what kind of picture I had an eye at. That horny gal had a picture, presumably taken in her bedroom, where she posed almost naked, with only a wet G-string on and no bra, her dirty bitch’s ass in sodomy position, hands to the wall and her long hair down to her waist. I think that day she must have sucked tons of cocks and swallowed gallons of antichristsperm, making her some nice make-up after the action haha! I keep going... I looked for how many friends she has, that reached 3500 in total, so I told myself that bitch is happy with showing her ass to everyone and being praised for it by all those dirty shit lovers. As I am an asshole myself, I e-mailed her insults, but the worst was that she read it then sent me back several e-mails, but I had a perverse idea in mind: I asked her if she could perform a strip-tease in front of her webcam on MSN, given the fact she wasn’t afraid of showing her beautiful ass on pictures. She answered "Never!" So I replied "So what the fuck are you trying to do with those pictures if you can’t show it live?!!" She thought I would have accepted her fucking request and made her the honor to be on my friend list, but she just beat it. That was just to tell you there are many fuckin’ kiddy loosers on MySpace who just can’t assume their acts,shame for her. Ha, and the other asian, just another shit poser, Mom & Dad’s pretty girl, knowing nothing about how hard life can be... I just wish Lemmy of Motorhead go up her tight ass, no doubt she would act less proud after that lol!

18 - All right, I leave you Daryl ‘cause your fuckin’ mouth stinks like hell, you bloody drunkhard! Thanks for your support and your putrid sense of humour.Stay pervert, you bloodsucker!!!


Rum, big-titted women and broken glass with a mouth full of rotted teeth and sea water ...like old half-fish pirates in a scurvy portside bar of Lovecraft's New England...We hail you for the support in Psychopathological Zine!  Thanks to our fans. See you on tour for beers in Europe 2007.  If anyone is interested in obtaining our releases visit:





                                                     Interview : Kanz-Noz




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