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A thunderstorm beat downed at the witching hour anno 1991 unleashing the armies of hell banishing without mercy and comprimised the bright eternal praises from heaven when the dutch devil maniacs of BESTIAL SUMMONING exorcised the entire black metal kingdom at the release of "Sodomistic Ritual" Rehearsal Demo in 1992 flaming with unmerciful mayhemic chaos prompting impure souls to fall in a devastating frenzy starting a bloodshed. This foreshadowed a slow agony at the coming of "The Dark War Has Begun" full-length inspired of a perverse primitive black metal filled with anger, hatred, repugnance, torture, violence and pain rejecting malevolence against all feeble religions daring to defy them. Fighting 'til death, the final official command executed in screams of suffering had almost no praise, anyway a US label reissued the complete discography without permission from No Fashion recs. After many years of silence due to their split up, they come back in force under the CAYM monicker to break your peaceful souls, hammering your skull and definitely turn you upside down in darkness forever. Therefore I asked to the friendly Charagnanna being a new member and so playing in "Bringer of Torture/We Bring The Sickness" if he could get me an interview with the originator member The Unsane who doesn't use stonewalling which made me strongly smiling, then he spewed a brute intolerance. The little son to mom & dad has just to behave well...

01 - Evil black regards to the unsane ! The hammer of damnation that is Bestial Summoning unleashed the rage of hell in August 1990, at the dawn of a new order of blasphemous sodomy and unholy death sentence. One vital question is burning my mind: where did your violent and destructive path originate from? In other words, could you tell me about your very own beginning in music: age, influences, and so on?

Actually Bestial Summoning was my start in music really...I tried playing guitar for a while but due to experimentation with explosives I lost part of my hand...After that I didn't do anything until we joined up with BS.Influences for BS were bands like Bathory,Blasphemy,and that kind of brutality!We all also loved the things Holocausto,early Sarcofago,Vulcano and bands like that did.I think we all were about 17/18 when we first decided to unleash hell.

02 - When one traces back the history of the Dutch black metal scene, it seems like you were the first ones who got the interest of a label. That suggests that this kind of metal wasn't very popular in your land at that time. Of course there had been other black metal bands before, such as Manitou, Funeral Winds, Fallen Temple, Occult, Malefic Oath and Necro Schizma, but unfortunately no one of them went beyond the demo level. Do you agree if I say that you came at the right time to hoist the flag of hatred in the Netherlands? Except for the projects you were involved in, what kind of relation did you have with the aforementioned bands?

One should take into account that when we first started playing this kind of metal there really was no scene to speak of anywhere.The only true brutal black metal band was Blasphemy at that time...and of course from years before Bathory.Beherit came on at around the same time as we did,and truly they were awesome!We were a bit slower to get known a bit then Beherit though.Actually I think our slow start was for a part due to the fact that we actually tried and compose songs in the beginning. If my memory serves me right the only other blackmetal activity from the Netherlands around that time came from Orlok with his projects.Necro Schizma was more doommetal than anything else but they were awesome,but also much earlier.Funeral Winds was a bit later and Occult was never blackmetal but more blackened thrash(Ron: I refered to vocals as well as texts,I think they are influenced by thrash/death metal & thrash metal veins ) .Malefic Oath was also a year or 2 after BS. It's well know that my relationship with some of these bands wasn't very good...especially Funeral Winds...But Malefic

Oath were friends,and I actually was with them for a little bit after their demo was released.

03 - I bought the demo 'The Land Where Evil Dwells' by Malefic Oath, and got transfixed by that music of total desecration and its doomy, unpure and ritualistic atmosphere that generates feelings of antichristian hate and celebrates the call of the devil. Could you tell me more about this project that unfortunately never reached its achievement through a LP? Had you recorded a full album, it would have served as an evidence to all those trendy dickheads who only praise the old Norwegian scene that black metal wasn't born in Scandinavian countries. What did happen that made you call it quit? You had a very strong potential that clearly deserved more!

I think most people around now know that blackmetal wasn't orriginated in Norway(Ron:Not everybody).Actually I think alot of those norwegian bands were first very hippy like with their lyrics,talking about peace and love.Honestly,how serious can you take a band who switches style from hippy to satanic?But they pulled it off somehow.And that's all fine and dandy with me,but don't claim to be the evilist shit in the world when you're not.I did enjoy this bands albums though.I also get sick and tired of Grishnackh pretending like he was playing blackmetal when he was young and everything,when he was clearly playing deathmetal and probably would never have heard of blackmetal if no norwegian was involved.What was even sadder is that alot of people who listened to this music actually believed what these people had to say.But alas,stupidity is rampant among the human race so I shouldn't have expected otherwise.The norwegian scene?It's younger than the dutch scene,younger than the finish scene...hell,it's younger than most other scenes...But on to Malefic Oath.Marco and Michel made a great great demo in my opinion,and shortly after I was asked to help them out which of course I'd have loved to do so I said yes.Sadly nothing ever was released after the demo.I can't tell much more about this band because it was only around for a very short time.Why we called it quits I don't know...it just happened and Marco went on to do Deinonychus.

04 - The following year, if I'm not mistaken, your energetic implication with Mjöllnirr took shape with the release of a rehearsal tape recorded on October 4th and a demo that followed shortly after. Having listened to it for an uncountable number of times, I conclude that the shadow of Burzum wasn't far, judging from the gloomy atmosphere and some vocal intonations; but let's not forget the perfectly executed cover of Beherit. Could you tell me the whole story of that band without ommitting any details, please?

Don't EVER!!NEVER mention me in the same sentence with that bitch from Burzum!(Ron: My ears should be full of filths,do you have q-tips please?Be careful at what you say abot Vilkernes fucker,he could come & slit your catholic throat weh out of jail)Don't even imply my intonations are the same.And don't think for a second that he or his music had any influences over me or anything I was involved in at all!!Fuck!The music we did with Mjöllnirr was miles,dare I say worlds,away from whatever he did. He
didn't have a gloomy atmosphere in my opinion...he had a very dire,distant,cold atmosphere,unlike what we did.Drawing Down The Moon by  Beherit was an obvious influence though,but the musical tastes of all of us differed enough to make Mjöllnirr into what it became and not a copy of anything.Another influences was one of my personal favorites Samael.The history of Mjöllnirr is a short one as well...I met Chris through tapetrading,we got together and his nephew joined in on drums...they knew a bassplayer too and so the thing got rolling.After the livedemo/gig we just died off.You just scored negative points though with comparing me and The Cunt.

05 - Let's get back to Bestial Summoning. According to rumours, the rehearsal/demo 'Sodomistic Ritual' was totally improvised and intuitive. Such a process was completely unusual for the time (to my knowledge at least), yet the result is amazing: when I played it on my stereo I just couldn't believe it, the tracks were cohesive, brutal and dirty black fuckin' metal played with guts, with a raw sound that pushed my primitive mind to crank the volume up to deafness... Were you so deprived of neurons that you couldn't remember your own songs, in spite of their rather simple structures? Sephiroth had said in an interview that you didn't want to record a real demo tape because you wanted to keep a chaotic sound, is it right? It seems it was fairly well received judging from the number of interviews you were requested for. That said, could we get to know the worse critics about it? How many copies were sold? What did you want to prove by adopting such a low-quality sound and an anticonformist attitude toward the jude business you despised?

What can I say?Sephiroth and Conscicide gelled well musically...all I had to do was scream my lungs out,so I did...what was left was a nice piece of brutallity.I have no clue what Sephiroth has ever said about BS and frankly I don't care what he has to say anyway.The number of interviews we got was indeed due to the fact that this was something new and refreshing,but also due to the fact that Conscicide and myself both were obviously gifted with something that is lacking from most humans : intelligence.Both him and my actually know how to say what we want to say in a cohesive way.I don't think we got too many bad critics about the demo.I have no idea how many copies were sold. We
didn't want to prove anything by adopting this low-quality sound,it was born out of necessity,like many good ideas.Also,I don't despise the jude business...I am a misanthrope basically,so I despise everyone equally.Only a few select people well get off my despise list...and even fewer will get on my friends list...even though I can totally play "I don't despise you" for one night if it concerns a hot bitch.(Ronan:I think that you refer to me haha!fuckin bastard,you owed me be time.I think that my butts have gold value so do you have enough money to pay me?I have several albums orders to do.In fact are you bixesual?Seems that you succumbed to nice gay charms,maybe Jean-christ of Exmortes would be free to come out with you one night cos" you fall in love with him for certain lol)

6- Please explain in details how were the rehearsals like?

The first few times were a pain in the neck...no...let me rephrase that,the first few times were like a kicks in the nutts.But after we moved to an old Monastery rebuilt to rehearsel/sound room we got into stride much more.I can't say any of us were particularly happy or unhappy with it at the time,but we got done what needed to be done.

07 - Down to hell! Sephiroth said that even Euronymous enjoyed that tape, what did he appreciate so much? What member of the band was in touch with him, why didn't he propose you to sign with Deathlike Silence Prod. for a full-lenght? I have read another version of the story in the booklet of the CD 'The Dark War Continue' in which he treated you of fucking idiots and fake band, just like he did with Profanatica and Impaled Nazarene. How very black metal... Could you make light over the whole story?

Hah!Euronymous also enjoyed the album until Grishnackh said it sucked...how pathetic is that?Let's just say that those poor norwegians are just followers,not leaders.Why didn't he offer us a deal?Maybe he was afraid of so much destruction?I don't know...and I don't care.Man,after Darkthrone's second album(which,admitedly was great)people over there started to get delusional.People seem to have forgotten that Darkthrone's first album,and in my opinion their best(Ronan:Yeahh man!!!),was a deathmetal album.Calling Impaled Nazarene fake is just plain stupidity,but calling Profanatica fake makes you ignorant and
subhuman. In
any case,Euronymous treated me well when we talked on the phone so maybe that shows what kind of a person he was?The only people I remember as being 'right' were Cultoculus/Occultus and Samoth.That whole attitude of 'we're eviler than you are' made me sick to my stomach.All this talk about this and that and alot of bullshit.Fuck that!!I could take most of them out one on one without breaking a sweat,what the fuck are they talking about?They're vikings?They're warriors?If I was a viking or a warrior I would be ashamed if people like that called themselves that.

08 - About Sephiroth's state of mind, he had said in an interview that he was 'depressive like hell' without giving much explanation… If you are OK with this question, could you tell me what tortured him so much? Such feelings are often generated by a troubled childhood followed by a cascade of disappointment, leading the individual to an exagereted introversion in which hatred overshadow everything... About yourself, what are your feelings like when you scream your vocals?

I don't know about Sephiroth's mindset...him and me we didn't get along too
well. So
him being depressed?I don't give a damn(Ron:I’m not fuckin" around,Sephiroth said was depressive in an interview done for ‘Fallen Page III’ finish whose editor was Timo founding member of Bestial Crucifixion ,as him if you don’t believe me and let’s see who right) Would I have cared if he had shot himself?I doubt it. My
feelings when I scream?Just hatred...disgust...I think of what most people are like and the hate just starts to boil and comes out...

09 - To remain in the same field: John Nodtveidt put an end to his own life… Do you see that final act as one of weakness, a lack of courage to face reality, or as a ritualistic sacrifice in agreement with his own belief? Unfortunately his case isn't an isolated one, one just has to look at the long list of musicians struck by despair; one could almost perceive it as a warning message. Being still alive yourself, what is your personal way to not drown in despair?

Personally I see it as weakness.Most of the people who killed themselves have done so in a manner that has nothing to do with anything ritualistic.I am personally not in despair and I haven't been in despair at any time in my life for more then maybe a day or 2...


Bestial-summoning.jpg10 - As for I know, you used to make a fanzine. I'd like to know its title as well as the list of bands you had interviews with? How many copies did you print?

It was called Daemonium Aeturnus...a list of bands I interviewed?Too many to mention,but all the blackmetal greats and no so greats were included,as well as articles by organizations like Baldur,and other occult
works. We
didn't stick only to metal either,as Blood Axis and bands like that were also featured in it.Actually we are thinking of doing another round with the magazine,interviewing some old and some new bands...

11 - Your spiritual belief for the horned devil lead you to found a satanic organization called 'Communion of Lucifer'. What did make it different from others like Order Of The Left Path, Temple Of Seth, Church Of Satan, M.L.O.? What kind of ritual did its members practice?

The what?I have never heard of the communion of lucifer??Maybe that was Sephiroth's?(Ronan:Indeed that was him,to what i see,you were very informed this cares me a little)I was involved with H.S.B. with Pete Helmkamp.Heretic Supremacist Brotherhood.Pete also wrote a book called the Conqueror Manifesto which is of course a great work.Sadly we lost contact a long while ago.But the spirit lives on!

12 - About stage activities, the result is poor to say the least, with only two gigs, one of which lasted for only 20 minutes due to troubles with the audience. Did you feel it like a failure (or even a humiliation concerning that particular gig)? I don't understand why you gave your agreement for the release of that gig as a bootleg single? Were the other bands on the bill that night supportive to you? You opened later for Samael and that performance was listenable as a tape named 'Pure Evil' that was spreaded among tape-traders. How was your performance received that time?

Hahaha...that first gig was pure mayhem and chaos...from my point of view it was great...the audience...well....maybe 15 people were there so I didn't give a damn either way.You are mistaken however to think that was recorded,it wasn't...the ep,which wasn't a bootleg,(Ron :Though at the time this single was concidered as such)was of our gig with Samael and it was spread around before it's release as a tape I think.I don't know how our performance was received because I didn't interact with the audience afterwards...The only interaction with the audience I had was insulting them during the gig,but I don't think they quite got that because they seemed to like it.Samael that day was great though.

13 - A bit of humour won't hurt anybody… Let's talk about the 'figurehead' of the late 80s Dutch black metal scene, that was probably also the silliest band I have ever seen in the black metal history. I suppose you remember Exmortes and their sophisticated leader Jan List, whose glammish haircut and look will be forever remainded and still stimulate hords of high-school gothic sluts. The least we can say is that he didn't mark his time by his musical creativity, I can even say that band was a farce to be taken at the second degree, judging from their "musical" mess and childish covers - even my young nephew draws better. Being a fucking son of a bitch myself, do you have something to say about him that would make me piss my pants (from laughters)?

Hey don't insult Exmortes...that was a nice little band.I know sillier bands than that.Surely you do too.His music wasn't too bad.I don't have anything to say about them anyway because quite frankly I don't know them.And in my opinion there's nothing wrong with gothic girls...they fuck great!(Ron : So,I’m very surprised that you’re Exmortes fan.However I must confess that you’re the first i meet,cos’ if my memory is good there was a lot fanzines,fans,correspondents,friends who agreed with me.To my knowledge his music won’t stay engraved in annals and I’m sure Euronymous laughed when he heard those shitty compositions.Personally I think this bands won’t deserve ceasar’s howards as well as others...It’s strange that no labels repressed those stupid stuffs yet.And to say the least Sephiroth treated him as ‘Fake’ still in the same interview mentioned above,so I’m a sole to do not take this guy for serious)

14 - A slaughter in paradise punished with bloody bondage and flogging the church whores and violated their holy virginity through the chaotical, loud and destroying full-lenght. Taken as a whole, what is your opinion about it today? You were one of the first bands signed on No Fashion Records at that time? Were other labels interested in your music? Why did Sephiroth dedicate it to Dead of The True Mayhem? Were you lucky enough to know the terrific fanzine "Putrefaction" by Tomas then?

We were the very first band on No Fashion.Also Sephiroth didn't dedicate it to Dead(Ron : I read this in the fanzine that Sephiroth did too) ,Conscicide and myself did.I don't know if any other labels were interested at that time but I can imagine there were.Things weren't as easy back then as they are now
though. My
opinion of the album is the same as it was when it was released : I liked it,but I didn't agree with the production. It  should have been more brutal in my opinion. My
vocals were exceptional there though,but that is the gold standard I set.I don't know many vocalists who reach the same intensity.Dead obviously was one of them.Also,it wasn't dedicated to Dead of the true Mayhem,it was dedicated to Dead the person,hell to what band he belonged to at that time.His work with Morbid is unsurpassed!Of course I knew putrefaction magazine.Nice little zine and I enjoyed reading it.


  15 - The hell's bells awoke the dead, then you chose to reform the band under a new name, because the former members were occupied elsewhere or, maybe, lacked motivation. What were the reasons for this momentary disappearance? What did motivate you to reform the band? Who are the new members, and what are their own musical experiences? Would it be intrusive to ask you if you will keep the same uncompromising state of mind and refuse the offers of greedy labels capitalizing on your past reputation? I vomit on all those reunions which sole aim is it reconquer a past glory that has vanished for a long time - and that doesn't concern only metal, that seems to be the hot trend today in every musical genre or style. Your comment about it?

My motivation is easy : I wanted to do it. No
more motivation is needed. My disappearance from the scene had to do with all the childish shit going on.I was so sick and tired of this band claiming to be true,and that band claiming to be true,and calling other bands not true...that attitude is just not to my liking.When I left the scene I got more and more into my Muay Thai and Freefight training,which I had been doing for years already.Personally I think if you want to call yourself a warrior of any kind you need to have trained as a warrior.A thing sadly lacking from alot of people.I didn't start again to capitalize on it,I started again because I wanted to spread my hate again. At first I thought to do it under the BS monicker,but changed it to Caym.The sad thing is,other people have actually capitalized on the BS name releasing the album,together with other recordings as The Dark War Continues without permission. At least not my permission,or Conscicide's permission.I don't think Tomas of No Fashion knows about these releases either or hasn't given his ok for them as well,because he asked if he could release it on cd just a month or 2 ago.About the new band : I don't compromise...that's probably also the reason why it's going very very slow with that band. My other band We Bring The Sickness is doing great however. It's not metal but it is inherently evil. We deal with the general sickness of humankind and anything involved kaos,kaos daemons and kaosmagick.You should check out this blasphemy at www. myspace. com/webringthesickness
....(Ron :AWESOME band,supported them)we reach a level of evil there that most blackmetal bands can only dream of!


16 - The Dutch government legalized some drugs which lead to the opening of many so-called « coffee shops », that are I guess an interesting source of taxes... Would you agree with me if I say that the consumption of such product is opposite to the black metal spirit? What do you feel when you meet those zombies blinded by their own intolerance, pretending to be open-minded but never forgetting to give you moral lessons about some society problems?

Ok,let me explain this,or attempt to.Drugs are NOT legal here.They are condoned.The government doesn't get any income from drugs as far as I know.The weird thing is : they condone the shops to sell the stuff,but they are not allowed to get supplied.How weird is that?In any case,it doesn't matter of drugs are legal or illegal,they will find their way anyway.I don't think using any substance is opposite of the blackmetal way,as drugs can take you to a state of mind that would suit it very well.Actually I think it fits strongly within the blackmetal spirit to use such substances if you want to.Blackmetal is a way to bring out satanism,no compromise and using some drugs might help some people to cross a line they wouldn't have otherwise.Personally I don't care about society,and their standards.

17 - Good news from 2002 : your discography got re-released by War Hammer Records. Why having waited for so long before finally doing it?

Good news?I don't think so.I doubt they have any contract with anyone about
this. It
's a bootleg.NOT OFFICIAL!!As nice as it is.The only one who can legally release it to my knowledge is No  Fashion.(Ronan:Why this reedition is a bootleg knowing that the single was pressed by this label?The adress figured on the back cover,thanx for info,i’ll be less idiot when going to sleep tonight)

18- Well, the interview is coming to an end, hope you enjoyed it. By the way, where did you buy your shades? You look sexy with them on... Maybe you stole them from a dragqueen in a gay parade, hehe? Take care fucker!!! Cheers!!!

Hmmm,I thought I beat you up and took those shades from you or was it another transsexual?And of course I look sexy...it's my nature.
Remember this people : Violence is golden,and Kaos rules all!!Don't conform,don't compromise!!HAIL KAOS!!WORSHIP ME!(Ron:You are a real sexuamaniac ,do you go ou the special sadomaschist gothic parties sometimes?Unless David Vincent’s wife educed you well haha!.When you will decide to act in porn ?German productors are recruiting you know.Sure,I’m jealous of your shades cos’ I wanted a similar pair to yours before but unfortunately they gave up the ghost so I’ don’t attract gay anymore)





                                                         Interview  ; Kanz-Noz

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