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2 décembre 2005 5 02 /12 /décembre /2005 19:33

The American all-girl death metal band DERKETA is a legend from the late 80’s/early 90’s alongside Acheron, Autopsy, Rottrevore, Nihilist,Carnage, Immolation...
At the present time, a full-length album is on the way and will be, I think, a great true death metal classic for any self-respecting old-school fan. I wanted to know more and the fascinating Sharon related, with great sincerity, the history of her musical creation  


01 - Hail Sharon, welcome to Hades!


02 - It should be noted that Derketa is a cult band in the underground metal scene... In retrospect, what memories do you keep of these past years?

Just being a part of the underground and having that connection with people from all over the world. I don’t think there is really anything else out there like that and that will always be a good memory for sure. 

03 - First and foremost, one striking point is the bands’ unique feature: Derketa is an all-girl act... This seemed somehow unbelievable for such a brutal style of music. In general, how did metalheads react to your commitment in this chauvinistic underworld?

For the most part, we don’t get any slack since Derketa doesn’t fall into the expected as far as females in metal. I think its more or less shocking if anything. But I’m sure there are guys out there that think death  metal is something that a guy can only understand and women should stay out. To each their own I guess,it doesn’t really bother me either which way.

04 - However, I noticed some line-up changes since the inception of the band, most importantly Terri who left to form her own band Mythic. Was she the founder of Derketa too? Could you please explain on this strange disappearance? You know why Mythic have split up? What you think about this?

Yeah, Terri and I both founded Derketa and after sometime we couldn’t work together anymore so she went on to form Mythic. Mythic split up for the same exact reason that Derketa broke up and it was no surprise to me when it happened. There only so much of an ego that one can take. I knew that band wouldn’t last very long simply because of how Derketa was ending up.

05 - I see you’re interested in ancient pagan cultures, because the name of the band comes from Stygian mythology! Do you study other ancestral religions in which death is a central theme, this subject being the very core of your mysterious lyrics?

No, I don’t study this topic at all, I just get ideas from it. I don’t believe in studying religions because I don’t want to be influenced by someone else’s ideas. I’d rather just hear about something then come up with my own interpretation of it all.

06 - The oppressive, dark and unhealthy atmosphere of your lyrics is a strange trip into pain which reflects your tortured personal past. May I know, if you don’t mind, how you compose? How is it this feeling of deep evil prevails? Could you tell us about some nightmarish secrets you sometimes have?

I’m just one of those people that don’t stay happy for too long, and so negative thoughts seem to be more of a comfort to me than anything. I’ve always had that dark fascination with death and the like, it’s just how it is.When I’m writing, I usually just come up with a riff and once I play that riff about a million times over, a lyrical line will pop in my head. Once that idea is there then the rest of the song just flows into place. I think everyone has a dark side to them, it’s only natural. I don’t really have any nightmarish secrets... I don’t think I do, anyway.

07 - Lately, Necroharmonic records re-released your whole discography. Do you work hand in hand with this label, and what do you think of their efficiency in terms of distribution, promotion, booklet designs et al.?

Yes, Roy was real cool to work with and he is the only one that I really felt comfortable with to put this out. We were in steady contact when the booklet was designed and I think Dary (Funebrarum/Abazagorath) did a great job with the lay-out. I was really impressed with hat he came up with. I’m totally cool with the way Roy is handing the distro/promotion of the CD. He’s 100% underground and I know he is letting the CD out to the right people to keep it all underground.

 08 - You pay a great tribute to Mad Max of Impaler of trendies in the track “Your rooting flesh”. How do sincerely feel about his death? Really, do you think suicide is the way to end mental suffering?

Well,I wish he didn’t do it. I knew that he was suicidal and tried to talk him out of those ideas, but he had his mind set on it. No I don’t agree that suicide is the way out. I personally like being miserable and depressed; I don’t see why people get all bent out of shape if their life isn’t the way they expect it to be. Ha - who likes happy people anyway, they’re annoying!

09 - I recently visited official your website and noticed a new face within the band? Could you please introduce me to him as well as his musical background? Today, how far are you in the writing process of your real first full-length album?

Well, right now it is just Jared and I. Jared is the drummer of the other band that I play in, called Eviscium. Since working together in Eviscium, we have that band mate chemistry, so I asked if he would consider playing drums for Derketa and things seem to be going well with him. As far as the progress of the album, I have I think 8 songs written right now, but I’m not 100% happy with them... so I’m taking some time off of it to clear my head some, then I will revisit the songs and tweak them up. They’re just sounding a little bit too predictable, I think I had too much of a focus to get the songs written that I was loosing that feel to them. My goal is to have it written/record this year, so we’ll see. That depends on cash as well...

10 - The split single release with Gravewurm, Sadomaiac and Witchburner is a great idea, a fucking meeting of true diehards! What’s your impression on this?

Yeah, I liked the idea of the 4 way split - kind of like a sampler of metal. All 4 bands have a different feel to them, so the 7” doesn’t get monotonous

11 - Well, I remember having submitted a rather masculine idea to Terri when I was in touch with her at the time of Mythic... Do you know of this? If there’s someone you dream to meet, who is he and why?

Ha! No, I don’t want to meet anyone. I’ll stick to the devils that I already know!!! I’m old enough to know better than to answer this one, haha!!!

12 - We’re already at an end, my dear Sharon, so I’ll thank you for this interview, which I hope will remain forever engraved in your mind!

Thanks for sending the interview and for your support, as always! Be sure to check out both websites www.derketa.com and www.eviscium.com for updates. Stay sick! 




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