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rademassaker.jpgRademassaker is the German answer to the subtlety of bands like Mortician and early Hellhammer/C.Frost This one man band, formed in 2002, is actually quite good at inviting you to the headbanging, and I had for sure to make an interview with the good old Jan Rademaker (finest deathly noise purveyor, and Graffenwalder beer drinker from utter hell) in order you read his wise words and move your fucking fat ass and order his cool Rademassaker stuff! If not, you are a faggot! Ha! DRINK THAT BEER THAT DOESN’T BANG OR DIE!RADEMASSAKER is the German answer to the subtlety of bands like Mortician and early Hellhammer/C.Frost This one man band, formed in 2002, is actually quite good at inviting you to the headbanging, and I had for sure to make an interview with the good old Jan Rademaker (finest deathly noise purveyor, and Graffenwalder beer drinker from utter hell) in order you read his wise words and move your fucking fat ass and order his cool Rademassaker stuff! If not, you are a faggot! Ha! DRINK THAT BEER THAT DOESN’T BANG OR DIE


01 - Argh my dear Jan! I am right now listening to the Possessed tribute “Seven gates of horror”, and my underwear got suddenly wet. What are you listening right now buddy? Please say “Hello and I love you” to the MUTILATING PROCESS readers, ‘cos I know you are a polite metalhead!

G’day my friend! Are you pissed because of the bad Cover-versions you’re listening to, or did you get a proper ejaculation because these bands did a great job? Lucky that I don’t get wet clothes from music, haha… you must have a great waste of underwear, huh?! Right now I’m listening to  Scepter “Fucking Metal Motherfuckers”; yeaaaaaaaaah!!!Hello MUTILATING PROCESS readers – you’ve purchased the right fanzine! Take a good seat on your flushing-throne, get some cigarette and enjoy this!

02 - You little fucker, you released your first demo only one month after having formed the band RADEMASSAKER… This is a typical behaviour of totally frenzied metalhead, but I know that hopefully RADEMASSAKER is not your very first experience or band in the metal universe. So please tell us quickly in which bands or project you’ve been involved since the first day you got caught by the power of Metal! And what is your brother doing now? Is he still involved into bands or metal

Metal in the vein of Devastation and was called Miscariage. We formed in 1993, recorded a demo-tape called “Peace? Justice? Murder!” and split up in 1995 when we threw out our singer/guitarist. We changed the name into Matricide and I overtook the vocals beside playing bass. This formation only lasted for 1 year but we played some cool gigs and recorded one live-demo. Unfortunately I don’t have one single copy of all these Miscariage- and Matricide-Tapes left.From 1997 to 2000 I played in a Power Metal band called From Thy Ashes. We released one Demo-Tape and two Mini-CDs entitled “One with the waves” and “Harbinger”. Nowadays I’m not so satisfied with the stuff I’ve created with them, but at that time it was o.k…Then in 2000 I joined the hellish Rock’n’Metal Sickos Blizzard. I’m still very proud of that – playing in this band was a great experience! The music was really simple (in the vein of Motörhead and Bulldozer) and really kicked ass! We recorded the “Pure Filth and Mayhem” LP, which was released through Iron Bonehead on Vinyl only. For all you Gehennah-fans out there: Check it out!!! My brother is doing very well. He is totally into Metal – but as he uses to say he is: “100% Fan!” He has no band, fanzine, distro or something like that – he’s just consuming Metal to the bone! After his appearance on the first demo-tape he soon realized that this band-thing is a little bit too stressful for him and so he quit Rademassaker.

03 - By the way, how did you started to listen to metal? How old were you at the time? What have been your reaction the first time you listened to Mortician?


 “Metal Heart” and Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning”. I liked the stuff very much, but however really got into Metal much later. In the beginning of the 90s, when I was about 17, I discovered Slayer and soon was into Death Metal. My first Death Metal albums were Morbid Angel’s “Altars of Madness” and Obituary’s “The End Complete”. Since this time I’m totally addicted to Metal and can’t live without it! The first time I listened to Mortician was in 1993. I got “Mortal Massacre” on CD and it was the most brutal stuff I’ve ever heard until then, haha….But the following albums I liked much better.  My favourite Mortician-albums are “Chainsaw Dismemberment” and “Hacked up for barbecue”.


04 - Speaking about Mortician, people should know that your band is signed on Redrum recs http://www.redrumrecords.net which is nothing but Will Rahmer’s label. And your “Satanic zombie horde” has been mastered by (“under Jolly”) Roger Beaujard. How did you get in touch with the guys? It’s kind of fun that they signed you, because they are going more and more into actual gind stuff and their last opuses are not that old school than “Hacked up for barbecue” used to be. I mean your music remains very “old school” so to say, reminding some primitive shit like Obscurity, early Celtic Frost, shit like that. Your reaction please!

As I knew that Will is into primitive Death Metal, I was sending a tape to him just to check out what he was thinking about it. I never expected anything like getting a record-deal or something like that, haha! But he really enjoyed my stuff so much that he wanted me for his newborn Label Redrum-Records. I was really shocked about that – believe me! He contacted me by e-mail and asked me if he could release my demos on CD. “Of course you can!” I said. Still I’m very excited about that, cause it’s a very cool feeling working together with a maniac like Will!  He’s more a fan, you know?!! He still cares a lot about the scene and is always interested in new bands. It’s much cooler to work with Will than getting signed by one of these numerous labels who are more into money than into Metal! “Satanic Zombie Hordes” was the first release on his label – also a big honour for me!I think Will has no financial goals with his Underground-label, as he wouldn’t have signed Rademassaker then, huh?!!! He just releases the stuff he likes, without looking if it will sell well. That’s cool! Yes, the last Mortician-outputs have many blast beats – but for me they still have this ancient feeling! Even on “Darkest Day of Horror” you can hear this typical old-school Riffing


05 - Why the fuck did you released your demos and early works on such a limited scale of copies (30 copies for the “Fleshdance” demo, 30 copies for “Gnawing on a rotten piece of flesh” demo, etc)???? Do you consider your music to be so shitty that you are kind enough to spare people’s ears by releasing less than 100 copies per demo or are you too poor to release more copies?

You are damned right with your suppositions, haha! It would have been too expensive for me to make more copies and as these demos are all recorded on four tracks only, I didn’t felt like making big quantities anyway. I mean these tapes and CDs were really meant as demos – no big thing! I only gave them out to a view friends and fanzine-writers. Also I had offered all these demo-recordings on my homepage as free mp3s. But only a view freaks downloaded the stuff…Metal heads (including me!) mostly are hunters and collect all the stuff. They need to have the original Vinyl, CD or Tape. If I wanna check out the music of a new band, mp3s are o.k. But if the sound kills, I need to have the Original for my turntable!!!  No fuckin gay mp3s on my computer


06 - You use some samples as introduction to your tracks, like Mortician uses to do. But your samples are original ones composed by a guy called Tobi Carl. Is the man involved into other musical projects? Why don’t you use movie samples? What’s your fave Mortician intro? Ah and where do this idea to use only bass and no guitar comes from?


Tobi is a good friend of mine. He is a real maniac when it comes to music and movies! He has a lot of Horror- and Splatter-movies but isn’t much into Metal-music. He plays in a band called Real Turds – Punk from Karlsruhe with a very own style. When I have some new stuff, I send the songs and the lyrics to him. With these informations he’s always creating some cool intros. It’s amazing how he works out his great ideas (most of the sounds are created by himself). The fucked guts in the song “Zombie gut fuck” for example are made by smashing a wet towel into a water-bath.I don’t use movie-samples because after several Mortician-albums it seems like there are no more movie-samples left, haha!And as there are many bands using all the same introductions from the same films, I’m very happy that I have Tobi!My favourite Mortician-Intro is from the song “Mauled beyond Recognition”. It says: ”His hands – somebody cut off his hands”.It’s very short – but I like the short intros much more than the long ones! I’ve already told Tobi, that the new introductions shouldn’t be longer than 15 seconds. But it’s not easy to create something cool in such a short time-frame.About this bass-only-thing…I didn’t have a guitar – so I put some distortion on my bass and played it like a guitar. It’s a very own and heavy sound – so it’s a little bit a trademark of Rademassaker now. But on the upcoming releases there will also be guitars!


07 - One might say that your music can be classified under the “Gore Metal” monicker. Still you don’t sound at all like all the other bands in the same category. You have more of a metal background than a grind core one. But i wanna know if you happen to enjoy some actual grind bands, and if so which ones? With which bands or kind of metalheads do you feel the most comfortable when it is about exchanging ideas and views on our scene?

It’s not easy to make a short description of your style, because there will always be someone who will say: “Hey but your music doesn’t sound like this – it sounds like this!” Fuck that! The main-thing is that it’s Metal. With “Gore Metal” you could maybe disappoint some Exhumed-fans, so I prefer the description “primitive Death Metal”.Yeah, you’re damned right! Rademassaker isn’t influenced by Grind-bands. The Rademassaker-sound is inspired from gods like Slaughter, Celtic Frost, Autopsy and old Pungent Stench. I’m not so much into Grindcore. I have “Scum” and “From Enslavement to Obliteration” from Napalm Death and some Nasum-stuff, but that’s all I guess. I’m much more into Death Metal! In the Death/Black Underground Scene you can find a lot of cool people, so it’s almost impossible to pick out just a view. But I mostly enjoy it to correspond with maniacs who are really possessed by this “ancient feeling”. These people know the roots of Death and Black Metal and care a lot of keeping that underground-scene alive. Trading demos, reading fanzines, going to Underground-shows… That all was started a long time ago, but it still rules! Almost all my buddies that I correspond with, are into this old-school stuff! I mean this small but cool scene adoring Bands like Pentacle (UH!), Gospel of the Horns, Apocalyptic Raids, Bestial Mockery, NunSlaughter, Sadistic Intent aso. That’s the real thing! “Leather & Spikes” and “Sex, Drinks & METAAAAAAL”!!!


08 - For the moment, your band has not been covered that much into fanzines, but how were the reactions and interviews you got until now about your musical distortions? What are your fave zines? What do you like in paper zines?

The reactions were good but not overwhelming.  As there are so many cool bands out there, it’s very hard to get recognized. But that’s o.k. for me – cause I have found some real cool Metal-mates through trading my stuff. I couldn’t ask for more! With the reviews I’m satisfied, too. Most of the people understand that I’m not creating something new and are very open-minded. Remember that all my demos are recorded on four tracks only! In the next months I will make the first studio-recordings – so I’m very curious about the reactions on that stuff!  Until now I’ve answered about 9 interviews. My fave printed zines are: NECROMANIAC (except for these boring gay-jokes!), HELLPIKE (so true, so ugly, so fuck off!!! – Hailz to you Hurricane!), DEPTH CHARGE (very cool mag from Australia – get your copy from HeathenPC@aol.com!) and of course MUTILATING PROCESS! (No joke Nathaniel…AAAAARGH!) In my opinion a real fanzine has to be printed/xeroxed on paper! I never cared much about those internet-zines, cause it’s very uncomfortable to read them on the toilet! If you wanna check out some news, live- or release-dates, the internet is o.k., but that’s it. Reading interviews in the www is like listening to mp3s – it doesn’t satisfy me! I want to turn the pages in a real zine and don’t fuck around with a stupid computer-mouse!Furthermore I think that only a paper-zine can carry the real underground-spirit. Virtuality sucks! I don’t care if it’s not “up to date”, cause that’s not the point! Almost all paper-zines are made by real Metal-freaks that put all their effort into it. You get well done interviews with handmade artworks, frames and photo-collages – I love that!

 09 - I saw also that you shall contribute to the good old german written zine Mystical Music (Hallo Ralf!!!) thanks to an interview you did with Vincent Locke, who did a really great illustration for your “Satanic zombie horde”. How did the guy react to your music, knowing that he’s the one behind all the Cannibal Corpse drawings? Do you keep on being in touch with him?

Yes, I’m helping Ralf with Mystical Music now.But Ralf had already asked me if I wanna help him before I got in touch with Vince for the interview you little fucker, haha!Unfortunately Vince hasn’t sent the interview back until now. I don’t know why – because in his last mail he told me that he has almost finished it. I got in touch with Vince, because I wanted to use one of his artworks he made for an older Dead Word Comic. But he wanted to make me a new one and so I told him what I want to have. He really did a great job and I’m very proud to have an original Locke now! I don’t think that Vince is into Death Metal, but we’ll see what music he prefers, when I get back the answered interview.I’m a real big fan of his work and have the complete “Bleeding”-artwork on my left upper-arm and the Baby skeleton on the right upper-arm. His style is perfect and I wonder why only Cannibal Corpse have worked together with him, cause there are many bands using same artists. I only say Dan Seagrave, Chris Moyen or Andreas Marshall…I’m keeping in touch with Vince; hopefully I’ll get this interview soon!

10 - You manage quite well to communicate a kind of “horror” feeling through your music. What do you think of bands like Denial of god, Impaler, King  Diamond, who are also into “horror” but in a quite drastically different way from you?


Thanks for your words! First I gotta say that I unfortunately don’t have albums from Denial of god or Impaler…Of course I know King Diamond, who is the real Master of Horror-Stories! It’s cool to listen to his records and getting in his worlds. But for me the music is much more important than the lyrics. As you have said right, my lyrics are very different. They are more inspired from bands like Impetigo, Autopsy or Cannibal Corpse.  I just write typical Death Metal lyrics with horror- and gore-themes mixed with hate & blasphemy.


11 - You have now found a session drummer! Wow! But will you keep on working with him and will you start to play gigs at last? Do you intend to extend the line up of RADEMASSAKER? Now that you have been signed on Redrum recs, do you get more exposure and eventual interest from other labels?


Hell yeah – that’s a real good thing! I’m rehearsing with Marve every Friday-evening now. It’s really cool to play the stuff with a drummer of flesh and blood! First we’ll practise two new songs for the upcoming recordings. After the studio we’ll keep on working together and check out some older Rademassaker-stuff. So hopefully we’ll play live someday! I will also use a session-guitarist then. I’m not sure how to handle all these line-up stuff in the future, but I guess that I will only use one session-drummer and one session-guitarist. Yep, since the time I’ve signed to Redrum I got more interest. But for me this is no big thing, cause I don’t give a shit about being well-known or so. When other labels are interested now it’s cool, but for me it’s more important to have contact to some cool underground-maniacs! One is for sure, when nobody wants to release my stuff – I’ll again take care of some nice demo-tapes. No problem, huh?!!


12 - My little finger told me about your wish to release a split ep with Gospel of the Horns, but the almighty kangaroos finally refused your proposition. Why? Then what are the other bands you’d like to share this split ep with?


Aaah, this Split-7”-thing… I was asking Cos of the mighty GOTH if they’d like to make a Split with Rademassaker. He told me that they’d like to do it, but it would take a long time, cause they have to release some other stuff before that. I guess he was talking about the end of 2005.  Lately I have heard from Zarathustra that they also plan to make a Split with Gospel. If I’m right, their drummer Mersus agreed it with Gospel of the Horns when he was touring Australia with Destroyer 666. As I think that Zarathustra fit much better into this and as I don’t want to wait such a long time, I’m now thinking of some other Split-Ep-comrades. You know them Nat, haha… A Split-EP with Bloody Sign for example would be killer! Other bands I’d like to share a Split-EP with? Corpse Vomit from USA! They’re great! Do you maybe know what happened to them? Or maybe Victimizer from Denmark – some real cool Metal heads!


13 - When do you come to visit me in Alsace so that I teach you how real metalheads drink? Don’t be afraid, we also have plenty of cheap but great beers like Grafenwalder! Ha! And if Death metal were a beer, which one would it be according to you? D’you often move your ass to see gigs in your area?


Haha…yezz! I don’t know really when I’ll come – but I’ll come, that’s for sure! Visiting Strasbourg with a local Metal head is a very cool thing. Drinking beers, talking bout Metal, a little bit Sightseeing… how could I say no?!If Death Metal was a beer? Then it would be my favourite beer of course! But my favourite beer is always changing – so right now for me Death Metal is a good Spaten from Munich!  My “gig-lust” varies from time to time. In good times I’m going to gigs about 3 times a month.  But I have also times when I don’t give a shit about nothing.


14 - Well, you’re working into the restoration of old monuments! Man this is a cool job. Can you speak a bit more about it, and do you have some special memories to share about this quite cool job? You should come to visit my area, there are plenty of really great castles and old monuments!

Believe me, after a while it’s a job like all others… But I’m very satisfied, because the work is always changing and through that it isn’t getting boring. I’m specified on architectural surfaces (from drawn lines on a gothic half-timbered house to paintings in a church from the baroque period). Sorry, but I don’t have any special memories…it’s still a job, haha! Yeah, for sure I’ll come for a visit. Beer, Metal & Sightseeing with Nat – Killer!!!


15 - Well, would you please tell me if you know at least more than 5 valuable bands from France? And right after that, you are allowed to make your mouth spew the last tales of mayhem! 1-2 FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My absolute favourite band from France is AGRESSOR! I love their “Neverending Destiny”-album and the “Licensed to thrash”-Split-Vinyl!!! “Towards beyond” is very good too and “Symposium of Rebirth”& “Medieval Rites” still kick ass, but I prefer their first LP! MASSACRA were very cool too! “Final Holocaust”, “Enjoy the Violence” & “Signs of the Decline” are three of my Alltime-faves! But after that they totally wimped out – Ha! LOUDBLAST did this cool Split-Vinyl with Agressor! Their first LP “Sensorial Treatment” was a good Thrash-album, but I more enjoy their Death Metal – album “Disincarnate”. With “Cross the Threshold” and “Sublime Dementia” they also did o.k., but “Fragments” sucks! From MERCYLESS I adore the first two albums “Abject offerings” & “Coloured Funeral”. After that they released a really shitty album with keyboards – Fuck that!  So… now I’m thinking of some more bands……Aaaargh, I have one more! INHUMATE are really sick grind-bastards from France! Their vocalist likes to beat himself with his microphone, haha! Aaaaaand there is this band where my friend Nat played – what were they called? …BLÖÖÖDY SIGN???....harhar…Sathaniel, you are a real cool maniac - thank you very much for supporting me with this interview in Mutilating Process!!! All you Death-Bangers: Watch out for the first real Rademassaker-release – the coming Split-7”


        Interview : Nathaniel (Mutilating Process zine).Thanks So Much !!!

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